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  1. hi i use firefox…i made for myself a css style for the tabs( selected and all the others)… is it possible to style a specific css tab for each site i use ( this site for eg) ? different from the other tabs ? thank for any answer i get .
  2. hi im sorry for my poor english. the css and html is new for me.. i edited a news website with html and saved it in notepad.... it only works on that specific page and doesnt work after i enter the site again..(a news site) is it possible that my editing will apply all the time for that site ? thanks !
  3. hi im new to the css world. i started to edit some sites and i have a question : is it possible to use css to replace the word " search" that appears in every searchbox ? i wonder if i can put other words instead... ( my browser is firefox ) thanks for any answer i will get !
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