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  1. OK, I think I have it worked out....my 'form' request for user input can go on a HTML page.... The response is fed to an ASP page...that needs formatting on the back end due to ASP not caring about 'whitespace'
  2. for example..I copy your code above paste into new document save as test5.asp the page never asks for any user input....
  3. so my question is this WHY do all of the examples posted on the internet show the 'results' as being properly formatted html? when clearly they do not work that way, when copied and pasted into a new blank document the results in no way match what is being shown as an example? it can not be 'my crap' html that is at fault; when I copy directly from a page that shows one thing, and produces an entirely different result.
  4. it returns so the server IS running....what is NOT working from other examples is the returned formatting....
  5. IT does fail to retain proper formatting....did you read what I posted? I did not say it failed to function....it doesn't stay formatted such to remain useful - unless ugly web pages are an acceptable result of using ASP? is what shows in the browser window - WHY?
  6. give me something you know works so that we can test that theory?
  7. how do people post all these bogus examples that DO NOT work? And this isn't directed at you specifically....just a general question about ALL the examples littering the Internet that DO NOT WORK!
  8. copying the files to the inetpub folder still yields the same as previous...only change is web address.... can NO ONE post a sample of ASP that actually maintains it's formatting? And again NOTHING I can find anywhere on the web actually works to return 'formatted' text on a web page, even the simple "Hello World" statments fail to display as formatted text minus the ASP code and code tags <% ffljhf;fh;sflflahff;alslsfsldff%> I can learn a lot from what DOES work, more than I can links to stuff that fails exactly as my code attempts fail
  9. pretty sure I enabled IIS prior to trying the ASP code.....which browser(s) would work as NOTHING shows up in Explorer (IE) and only poorly formatted copy of original code shows in Chrome? One would think that both of them would support ASP pages? If not the two biggest browsers then who?
  10. when I try to preview in Chrome or IE the results bear no resemblance to a formatted web page as I have tried to show.... this is why I am asking for a sample that IS formatted and WILL display correctly in browser window....as NOTHING I have found on web will directly copy and paste AND display as they show them on the various tutorial sites..it is as there is some small piece of information INTENTIONALLY being left out.
  11. I copy and paste directly the example from those links....the formatting DOES NOT follow through to the web page. this is what I copy and paste and save to new document: <%@ language="javascript"%><!DOCTYPE html><html><body><%Response.Write("Hello World!")%></body></html> this is what I see on web page.... <%@ language="javascript"%> <% ccID="63" Response.Write("Hello World!") %> Not to be too obtuse...how about post a sample that actually maintains formatting when viewed in browser? Because so far not one single example I am finding on the web translates into a usable result. ZERO
  12. even with ASP? and not how it was show on thee tutorial page??? man this stuff sure lacks transparency at least if one is just starting to learn and apply it
  13. at this point I'm not even concerned with heard sizer...... <%response.write("Hello World!")%><%fname=Request.form("fname")lname=Request.form("lname")response.write("<p>Hello " & fname & " " & lname & "!</p>")response.write("<p>Welcome to my Web site!</p>")%><%fname=Request.querystring("fname")lname=Request.querystring("lname")response.write("<p>Hello " & fname & " " & lname & "!</p>")response.write("<p>Welcome to my Web site!</p>")%> I want to know why this doesn't format, or appear to work correctly at all...and it is a direct copy and paste from a tutorial...
  14. That is the source of my question I don't 'see' TWO sets of buttons in your code, yet it displays two sets of buttons in browser. See the attached image above....
  15. Let me clarify my question about the buttons, there are two of each...only one set doesn't function at all. Was that intentional, or an accident of formatting? I ask because I can't seem to get rid of the extra buttons?
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