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  1. hey , suppose i have the next table:

    ---A-------B---   1       2   2       3

    now, i need to know how many rows there is from each value, for example the result should be:

    A - [1] - 1A - [2] - 1B - [2] - 1B - [3] - 1

    how can i do that?


    EDIT: I know which values will be in each culomn

  2. i read about this variable, bus as you can see in the page i gave before there is an explantion berfore this variable that says and i'm quote:



    HTML variables for shopping carts can be used with Add to Cart buttons, as well as with third-party shopping carts or custom carts that initiate payment processing with the Cart Upload command.


    what i understand that this variables uses only for shopping cart....? am i wrong?

  3. Everything you need is in there, but it requires a certain level of programming expertise. What you're asking for is not a simple task.


    i know, but i suppos that i dont need all paypal API, only some chapters, but i dony know what i need ... because that i ask you to direct me...

  4. hey, i hope i'm in the right forum,

    i want to use paypal payments that pepole can pay to me with cretids cards and paypal in my website.


    now, i dont want to create a button with preset price, i want its to be dynamic, i mean that i can change the price in my site, and than to send pepole to pay in paypal. how can i do this?


    also , i can i do that after that pepole pay to me the paypal site will transfer them to my site?

    and how can i check with paypal if they realy paid to me?


    thanks .

  5. i use PHPMailer with gmail SMTP, the code:

    	$mail = new PHPMailer(true);	$mail->Mailer       = "smtp";	$mail->IsSMTP();  // telling the class to use SMTP	$mail->SMTPDebug    = 0; 	$mail->SMTPSecure = 'tls';	$mail->Host     = "smtp.gmail.com"; // SMTP server	$mail->Username   = "nati323@gmail.com";	$mail->Password   = "******";	$mail->addCustomHeader('Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"');	$mail->SMTPAuth   = true;       	$mail->Port       = 587;	$mail->From     = $from;	$mail->AddAddress($to);	$mail->Subject  = $subject;	$mail->Body     = $msg;	return $mail->Send();

    i dont know what is isp...

  6. a) i try to sent to another mail address and its didnt work to.

    B) with PHPMailer this mail send good.

    c) i read in stackoverflow about what you say and i did all they say there, still not work.

    d) You or another pepole trying my code, and i get mails

  7. i define every thing like they say there but still it dosent work,


    i also tried to send mail vie some hosting that have sendmail and still dosent work.


    at the end i use PHPmailer with connect to Gmail SMTP server, but still i want to know why its didnt work for me...

  8. i also check on some server , not on my xampp, and its still dosent send, i try to copy the mail send code from php.net, and still no result,


    please someone i very need this thing work for me...

  9. hey, i have a problem , i try to send email vie php mail() function, and the mail dosent get to my mail acount, the function return true, but the mail dosent came to my inbox or spam boxes on my mail, my code:

    if (!mail($_POST['mail'], $text['EMAIL_RECOVER_MSG_SUBJECT'], $text['EMAIL_RECOVER_MSG'], $from)) {							$msg = $text['MAIL_ERROR'];							$msgDisplay = 'inline';						}						else {							$recover = false;							echo "<div class='alert alert-success'> {$text['RECOVER_MAIL_SENT']}</div>";						}

    the code show that all run good and the function return true, example for information that i try to send:

    nati323@gmail.comPassword Recover: From dmworld24.comYou Forget Your Password To Recover it Please Go Into The Next Link:rn http://dmworld24.com/login.php?act=rec&token=44524977019863526261982473991 rn If You Didnt Ask For Password Recovering Just Ignore This MessageFrom: system@dmworld24.com

    the first line is to, second subject, three msg, four: from header


    i'm usins xampp, so maybe somthing need to be installled.. ??

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