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  1. can you show me example? btw Dotoff is text inside, i use this code var Dotoff = String.fromCharCode(9678); which look like: ◎
  2. Hi, i make one but it will be many line same, like this with 20. document.getElementById("Test1").value = Dotoff; document.getElementById("Test2").value = Dotoff; document.getElementById("Test3").value = Dotoff; i wonder can it make all id in one? i tried it: document.getElementById("Test1","Test2","Test3").value = Dotoff; but it didn't work well, only Test1 change. some know how make all 20 in one? it can save me lots space/line ;)
  3. I was try make loop in loop with array. it should be like: L1: T1&C1---L1: T2&C2---L1: T3&C3--- L2: T1&C1---L2: T2&C2---L2: T3&C3--- L3: T1&C1---L3: T2&C2---L3: T3&C3--- But I got other than that i thought, so what did i wrong?
  4. Oh i see, last i found own way, cheep and few word in body i have to add id each option, like that: <select id="List"> <option id="O1" value="A1">Cars</option> <option id="O2" value="A2">Bike</option> <option id="O3" value="A3">Train</option> </select> then in javascript when i press button: function Button() { document.getElementById('O2').innerHTML="Plane"; } so it work good anyway thank for try help me
  5. Hi i need help for change name in Option when i press button. like that code: <select id="List"> <option value="A1">Cars</option> <option value="A2">Bike</option> <option value="A3">Train</option> </select> How i change name from "Bike" to "Plane" by press button?
  6. Zerivo

    Sort Table

    it is just empty, only table. i can't find code to sort. it is like i want, on site: http://tablesorter.com/docs/example-parsers.html i try and try but no luck
  7. Zerivo

    Sort Table

    Hi i need help for make sort table I want to sort on table, like Shop name, sell type and location etc so if i press button sort location then sort a-z from top to bottom. how i can do it? like it: <table border="1"> <tr><td>Shop name</td><td>Type shop</td><td>location </td></tr> <tr><td>The Common Defense</td><td>Armor Shop</td><td>New Sorpigal</td></tr> <tr><td>The Eagle's Eye</td><td>Weapon Shop</td><td>Castle Ironfist</td></tr> <tr>
  8. I check and i see there use javascript and ccs. since it is shop so i think there use php i'm not good "scan" what there use Language, so i try as i can
  9. Zerivo

    Array problem

    if i charge it from. var B1=A;var B2=A;var B3=A; if (A[0]=="T2") {B1[3]=5;} if (A[1]=="T2") {B2[3]=5;} if (A[2]=="T2") {B3[3]=5;} document.getElementById('W1').innerHTML="B1:"+B1[3]; document.getElementById('W2').innerHTML="B2:"+B2[3]; document.getElementById('W3').innerHTML="B3:"+B3[3]; to (those text with bold are charge) var B1=A[3];var B2=A[3];var B3=A[3]; if (A[0]=="T2") {B1=5;} if (A[1]=="T2") {B2=5;} if (A[2]=="T2") {B3=5;} document.getElementById('W1').innerHTML="B1:"+B1; document.getElementById('W2').innerHTML="B2:"+B2; document.getElementById('W3').innerHTML="B3:"+B3; so it
  10. Hello i try make it like: <html><head> <script type="text/javascript"> function Code() { A=["T1","T2","T3",4,2,1]; var B1=A;var B2=A;var B3=A; if (A[0]=="T2") {B1[3]=5;} if (A[1]=="T2") {B2[3]=5;} if (A[2]=="T2") {B3[3]=5;} document.getElementById('W1').innerHTML="B1:"+B1[3] document.getElementById('W2').innerHTML="B2:"+B2[3]; document.getElementById('W3').innerHTML="B3:"+B3[3]; } </script></head><body> <input type="button" value="Code it!" onClick="Code()"><br><br><br> <div id="W1"></div> <div id="W2"></div>
  11. Hello World! I'm just members here for need help my problem code. oh I'm Zerivo, is 26 year old and from Norway. I use language code as hobby, most to website and game (not make game but like wiki, calculator etc) I know HTML and Javascript.
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