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  1. I understand the potential for problems. However, the code works in all cases, in all browsers, other than IE and Netscape. I still don't know why, even though I have had some really great help from you guys. What is even more puzzling is that the error only occurs on the first two input items. The remainder of the items (12) work just fine in IE and Netscape as well. I know I am doing something wrong, or incompatible, in the first two instances. The only differences are subsequent processing. The color change and the null check code are generalized routines that one would think either work, or don't. Risking the chance of sounding dense or hard-headed, I would like to know WHY the first two instances do not work. Further, I can't find a comprehensive reference to help me learn what happens, in detail, with the execution of the form HTML, interacting with the JavaScript. It appears linear, and I expected to be able to process event/object?
  2. dsonesuk: I have switched editors, spent the last 11 days studying my situation alongside your fixes and I am left with one last question: "If I run my code, it works with: FireFox, Chrome, Opera and Safari as I expected. If I run my code, it has the "Endless loop" problem in IE and Netscape. If I run your code, it runs in all tested browsers. Do I conclude that my code is either not compliant to standards or that there is an error with IE/Netscape -OR- That your code is written with a workaround to accommodate the IE/Netscape flaws? I suspect you have incorporated a workaround approach. My problem is that I can't see it. I understand (I think) your code but don't see why it works in IE/Netscape when mine does not. Sorry to be dense.
  3. dsonesuk: Thanks for the reference I will check it out.
  4. Anyone following this exchange have a recommended editor, similar to the features of MS Expression 4 (I know its dead) that I should be using? If it wasn't for the generous support of "dsonesuk" and "davej", looking at my newbie coding, I would still be fighting several coding issues. The courses available in HTML5, CSS3 and the latest rendition of JavaScript all take a granular approach to my learning. I still search for a comprehensive overview of the JavaScript language logic in general and the DOM in specific. Thanks again to "dsonesuk" and "davej". I am studying your code and still learning much !!
  5. dsonesuk: Thanks for taking the time to look at all of this. I am learning a great deal. I am using MS Expression 4 as an HTML editor because it allows for multiple browsers/screen sizes to be tested within the editor through a drop down menu. I guess the rep of IE and the misguided loyalty to Microsoft are leading me to some bad choices? It sure didn't catch the errors that you caught !
  6. dsonesuk: I am studying your recommended approach. I am still curious about IE. I would expect (apparently wrongly) that all browsers would react similarly to a coding logic error. In my case of the "entry.html" code I submitted, the endless loop only happens in the IE browser. The Firefox, Chrome and Opera tests appear to do what I expected. I am sure I am missing something since I am new to the environment. Can you please help me understand?
  7. dsonesuk: I have made all of the corrections you indicated in your recent message - THANK YOU ! For my education: I had been very careful to use the console app to review my code in Firefox as you had previously suggested. I am curious as to why the errors you pointed out were not caught by the error checker? Am I expecting to much of the f12 key ? ;0)
  8. davej: I have studied your code you sent. THANK YOU. In addition to it being more elegant it also has served as a valuable study tool for me. While the code seems to work, it does not do what I am trying to do. It moves through the form, highlighting the reentry field and the original email field correctly, but has process logic issues between the last name (if null) versus filled and the first name. It seems to lose its place. All of this happens in IE-11 and different errors in other browsers. I was able to get my code working in all other browsers BUT IE-11. (attached) Before we discuss the logic itself, I am still perplexed by the now verified differences the browsers produce for the identical code. When I apply focus on the first input, as long as I add a "tabindex attribute" the focus works and performs as expected. However, the second input (verify) starts misbehaving as the first one did without the tab index. Experimentation with/without autofocus, onfocus and onblur and tabindex gives various misbehaviors in IE-11 and yet behaves appropriately in other browsers with the identical code. Very Confusing. I am still struggling with the problem being in IE and know that is just a symptom. IN ADVANCE: Thank You for any additional help on this. entry.html
  9. Further to my last posting: I have changed my code to include quotes around the data being passed onBlur, established a variable and loaded the value with the document.getElementById(element); in each instance where suggested, and tested wuth the same suspect browsers. Unfortunately, the same results are occurring. I am now suspicious of the onBlur and realize that I am grasping at straws. Can someone shed some light on this? Thank You in advance. entry.html
  10. My problem does not arise in either of the functions: setWhite or setYellow. Both functions operate as I intended in all of the instance in which they are called.My problem arises in browsing with IE or Netscape and executing the procEntered function. The execution of a positive response in the first four input elements of the form work as expected in both field highlighting as well as processing of the data entered.The failure occurs when there is a null in the first input while browsing with IE or Netscape. All subsequent input fields work fine, including the highlighting and the data entered being processed. The form submits fine as well.A null in the first input works as well, when the Browser is: Firefox, Chrome, Opera but not IE (all tested versions) and Netscape.
  11. For some reason the attachment didn't take. I'll try again.
  12. I understand and thank you for the info on </p>.Unfortunately, by adding the ('company') as opposed to the existing (company), the process doesn't work for any of the input statements.I have now tested on Opera and Netscape. Oddly, Opera works as does Firefox and Chrome.Netscape has joined IE as behaving the same.I appreciate your patience with my plight, and hope the attached reflects what I am talking about as of NOW.
  13. I have now added the closing code in each instance you pointed out. The console did not warn me of this in any of the browsers. Is it possible the Chrome and Firefox are more forgiving and ran anyway?I don't understand the reference to the JS parameters. Please explain.
  14. Sorry for the multiple messages folks. I am obviously getting used to this forum and my brain is soaked with the problem I describe so there's no room for anything else, including my simple comprehension of attaching a sample.
  15. entry.html I continue to experience problems with my code (page attached) I have tested the code on: IE-11, IE-10, IE-9, IE-8, Chrome and Firefox (38.0.5) In all cases I have reviewed the console messages and received an indication of no obvious errors. The code executes as intended in Chrome and Firefox, but fails in all my tested versions of IE. Specifically, my JS Function "procEntered" (called by an "onBlur") in each input field, is intended to be a generalized routine to setup variables and test for the content of input as being blank. In lines 51-58 I load the variables and then proceed to test for a blank entry. In each individual entry from the form in question, the test works and the resulting code executes, EXCEPT for the first entry (id= firstInput) which executes the blank detection, the alert display and then instead of setting the stage for an "retry" entry (as all the other input fields do properly), it drops through to the subsequent input line (id=authenInput) and produces an alert for that field. When "ok" is clicked it loops back to the (id=firstInput) field. Ordinarily I would suspect Browser differences, but after the flaming I received on my last few submissions, I decided to thoroughly test before taking up the time of this forum. I admit to being a "newbie" and unfortunately have exhausted my testing ability... to no avail, and now submit my code for review by anyone on this board who is willing to review it. PLEASE, I am seeking constructive help. I appreciate all who contribute.
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