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  1. The site validates as CSS and XHTML (with one tiny error I need to fix) If that's the validation you're thinking of. (I don't have dreamweaver as I'm running Linux where I use Bluefish and Firefox to develop web pages.) I'm going to explore the possibility that the font and/or font size I've used is what breaks the menu. I'll dive into this and report back as soon as I get some other work wrapped up.Thanks for the quirksmode link, looks very handy indeed.
  2. That's a good idea, worth looking into, but I still need to figure out why the menu breaks in IE/Opera.
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone.@keturahuriel:The site is hosted on my private 2Mbit connection, so It might be a bit slow, though it loads quickly from other broadband connections I've tested.It's a bit image heavy, so I guess it could have long load time on slow connections. What kind of connection are you on?@23.12.2012:The color palette is taken from the Tango Desktop Project. The resemblance to deviantArt is not intentional, but I see what you mean when I look at their website. The colors used in the distro are also from the Tango palette, except the blue background color used in Xfce. The black color you see used as background for Fluxbox is the same as the color used in the header and footer. (#2e3436)Why do you feel the colors should be darker, because it looks like deviantART, or is there another reason? The navigation is as complex as my CSS skills allows it to be right now, I don't know any java scripting yet. Do you feel it's too basic? If so, is the the look of it or the functionality?
  4. Guess it's my turn to get some feedback on one of my designs. It's the website for my main hobby project. I've been working on the site for some time now and I'm pretty pleased with the results, but as with most things, when you work on something for a while you stare yourself blind, so I'd like some fresh feedback.NOTE: I know there are some issues viewing the site with IE7, so to see the site as I've intended it too look, use Firefox. That said, I'm of course happy to get comments on how to improve it for other browsers.Here's the URL: http://wolvix.org/Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I need some help figuring out why IE7 and Opera (I'm told) breaks the menu on a website I'm working on. It looks just fine in Firefox.The URL http://www.vestbykunstnerne.org/The relevant CSS (Or at least what I believe is the relevant code, problem might be elsewhere.) /*** Navigation bar top ***//* Code from: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/csslibrary/item/css_indent_menu/*/.indentmenu{ font: bold 12px sans-serif; width: 100%; /*leave this value as is in most cases*/}.indentmenu ul{ margin: 0 0 32px 0; padding: 0; float: left; width: 100%; /*width of menu*/ border: 1px solid #434b34; border-width: 1px 0; background: black url(img/navbar_bg.png) center center repeat-x;}.indentmenu ul li{ display: inline;}.indentmenu ul li a{ float: left; color: #434b34; /*text color*/ padding: 8px 16px; text-decoration: none; border-right: 1px solid #434b34; /*divider between menu items*/}.indentmenu ul li a:visited{ color: #434b34;}.indentmenu ul li a:hover, .indentmenu ul li .current{ color: #000 !important; /*text color of selected and active item*/ background: black url(img/navbar_hover.png) center center repeat-x;} I thought I'd eliminated the different browser padding and margin standards by doing: * {padding: 0; margin: 0;} But that might now even be why the menu breaks.Any hints or links to further reading would be appreciated.
  6. wolven

    Company Site

    You clearly know more about web development and design than I do, but here are my comments.1. The design looks good and very professional. I really like the stylish underline hover effect on the navigation, the different colors and the numbered text is refreshing.2. The drag feature works fine for me, but I don't really see the point of it, but I'm guessing it's just a test.3. The website loaded rather slow for me, at least when I first clicked your link. Loading the pages from the navigation is slow too, but faster than the initial load. Guess this could be the server or the connection.4. The only thing I don't think fits is the background. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it's because looks so organic compared to the look of the rest of the site. That and I think it's a tad to dark, so the contrast between it and the content becomes too hard, and it sort of swallows the dark gray 'info box' on the right side.Just my thoughts...
  7. I missed spotting that font size setting, perhaps it's the font style it self that causes the line break. Have you defined a font style for the nav bar anywhere?
  8. Nice looking design. I do however get a small problem with the nav bar at the top, the last link 'Mirror' starts on a new line under the other links. I'm guessing this is a font size problem. There's also a "jiggle" when I hover over the links as they turn bold. This is mostly likely also related to the font size. Looking through your HTML and CSS I can't find any definition for the font size in the nav bar, try giving it a fixed size like 12px or what ever you think is appropriate. I think it defaults to 16px now that it's not defined. ( I'm using Firefox on Linux BTW.)I'd also turn the links in the nav bar to an unordered list. You can find plenty examples of that here: http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/
  9. A Google search with 'css footer at bottom of page' will give you a few sites with examples. Here is one of them. And here is another. I've not validated or tested any of the examples, but I'm sure they can help you out.
  10. One usability suggestion: On the left navigation make the product headlines 'SADDLES', 'DRIVING HARNESS' etc. links to the product pages too, not the just the 'more...' links. When you scan the page the headlines are what you see first and what you're most likely to click. (I did) You don't really see the 'more...' link at first glance.
  11. wolven


    I like the site, but there are a few problems.The text on the navigation column breaks at 1600x1200 res. Take a look at this screen shot. At 1024x768 resolution the Google ad at the bottom breaks out of the "frame" to the right. Looks to me you've only tested the design at 1280x1024 res. I suggest you install the Web Developer Toolbar on Firefox, so you can at least test your site at 1024x768 and if your monitor can handle it you should also test it at 1600x1200.
  12. I second that. I also think the font is too small. I had to resize it two levels for it to be comfortable. Viewed at 1600x1200 resolution.
  13. Very nice work on the site. Only criticism I'd like to add (besides the busy header and footer) is that the red text on the 'download' buttons is a tad hard to read. It blends too much with the gray background. Perhaps you should choose a different shade of red or change to another color. (White maybe, like the top menu).Anyone else feel the same or is it just my eyes and/or monitor?
  14. I would have solved it in a different way by using a 'float'. Not sure how I would make the bar and border around the text and image (handshake) with graphics, but I'm sure it's possible. Look at this float tutorial to see what I mean by float. (The tutorial floats the image to the right, but you can make it left if you want.)
  15. Same here with Firefox, and some of the text is outside right border. Just one letter actually, but still...The site looks much cleaner and to the point now, Ten times easier to read. Last night I stumbled up on a site which I think you might find interesting/useful . It has many tips when it comes to the actual design and design process of websites. Check it out: Web design from scratch
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