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  1. I am having a difficult time getting JavaScript to run in a Wordpress Post. I work extensively in forms, and creating calulators of different sorts. I want each script to be local for only one single post, not global. I know I can include the path in the header.php file, but with all the scripts I want to include in the Wordpress websites, I don’t want to convolute the header.php with lots of local file paths which are going to be one and done. I know Wordpress changes the html syntax when switching from text to visual, that is not my problem. The scripts I have written works in every editor I use, and with all the most popular browsers, but not when posted in Wordpress from the file.js path or when inserted with <script> tags. I can get very simple scripts with an alert() function, or document.write() function to work, but when I attempt form manipulation, no luck. When troubleshooting from a console, none of the variables or functions are acknowledged. All the websites I deal with are Wordpress. I'm frustrated because I want to really grow and expand my JavaScript skills, but I constantly hit dead ends with Wordpress and no one can offer guidance. I've been told to write everything in PHP. I am new to programming and want to learn JQuery and javaScript well before taking on any other language! Please Help!
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