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    Forum Script

    Thanks everyone for the quality response. It is highly appreciated. Thank you Synook for the Security. It is a very improtant aspect if to make thing difficult for hackers.@Jhetcht, I'll love to be part of your work since it is similar to what I propose to work on in a few weeks time. I'll leave you a PM to enable us talk further.Please more contribution will be appreciated.
  2. o_oe

    Forum Script

    Hello Friends,I wish to develop a forum in the next few weeks and I like this forum so much. Please how can I get the scripts and components to develop a forum with similar features as this (w3schools forum). All suggestions and advice to building a forum will be highly appreciated. It is my first time.Thanks for your time.
  3. Ok, her are the screen shots. For firefox = For IE6 = How can we make it apear on IE6 just as it is on firefox.Thanks for your time.
  4. o_oe

    image resize

    Resize the last image to width=114 height=112 px and upload.That will sove your problem.
  5. Please see http://www.beamzintl.com/project/polo/index.In IE6, it projects a different border around the image in place of the layer style as designed on Adobe photoshop. You will find the exact design on firefox and that is how we espect it to appear.Please how can this be handled. I have tried several things but it didn't work.Little things that can make one want to go crazy.Thanks for your contributions.Regards.
  6. o_oe

    Hyperlinks analysis

    Thanks for your response. Another thing is that there ar no tables on the database.Thanks
  7. o_oe

    Hyperlinks analysis

    Hello friends,While working on a clients existing website, I discovered that some of the links have no file extention. Please look at the "popular searches" on http://wholesalegopher.com/, click on any of the categories and observe the url.I actually wanted to place the some of the search result on a different template but could not track them through database or file.Your comments and advice are highly appreciated.
  8. o_oe

    menu help

    Hi,Could someone help with same horizontal dropdown menu as found on http://news.yahoo.com/i/721;_ylt=Aup.ORcvS...p1JxSHwc_.yBhIF. The submenu flows horizontally.Please also advice on a quality menumaker softwear.Thanks for your time.
  9. Hi,It didn't work with that.Do you have a PHP script that sends confirmation email to user and shows an instruction page (Check your email). In addition to that sends the website administartor an email.Thanks for your time.
  10. I used this but got an error "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C:\wamp\www\www\form.php on line 39"if($send = mail($to, $subject, $msg, $headers)$send2 = mail($to2, $subject2, $autoreply, $headers2))
  11. Hello friend,The form handler below sends form content to my inbox after the user fills it out.Please how can I make it also send the user a HTML newsletter simultenousely.Thanks for you help.<?phpif($_REQUEST[quest1]&& $_REQUEST == 'second1'){ //print_r($_REQUEST); include("2.htm");exit(); }elseif($_REQUEST[quest2] && $_REQUEST =='second'){ //print_r($_REQUEST); include("3.htm");exit();}elseif($_REQUEST[quest3] && $_REQUEST =='third'){ //print_r($_REQUEST); include("4.htm");exit();//////////Question 3#///////////}elseif($_REQUEST[action]=='email'){ $msg = 'Hello '.$_REQUEST[salute].' '.$_REQUEST[fname].' '.$_REQUEST[lname]; $msg.= '<br><br>'; $msg.= 'thanks:-<br>'; $msg.= 'For visiting our site :- '.$_REQUEST[quest1].'<br>'; $msg.= 'message countinue :-'.$_REQUEST[quest2].'<br>'; $msg.= 'continue :-'.$_REQUEST[quest3].'<br>'; $msg.= '<br><br>'; $msg.= 'continue:-<br>'; $msg.= 'Full Name :'.$_REQUEST[salute].' '.$_REQUEST[fname].' '.$_REQUEST[lname].'<br>'; $msg.= 'Address :'.$_REQUEST[address1].'<br>'; $msg.= 'Suite/Apt.# :'.$_REQUEST[address2].'<br>'; $msg.= 'City :'.$_REQUEST[city].'<br>'; $msg.= 'State :'.$_REQUEST[state].'<br>'; $msg.= 'Zip :'.$_REQUEST[zip].'<br>'; $msg.= 'E-mail :'.$_REQUEST.'<br>'; $msg.= 'Phone :'.$_REQUEST[phone].'<br>'; $to = 'myemail@mysite.com'; $subject = 'Enquiry From mysite.com'; $headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n"; $headers.= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n"; if(mail($to, $subject, $msg, $headers)){ ?> <script language="javascript">window.location.href='form12.htm'</script> <? }else{ ?> <script language="javascript">window.location.href='form13.htm'</script> <?
  12. Hi friends,How can one align:center to work on firefox browser. The issue is that it works well on IE but not on firefox.Thanks for your time.
  13. Thanks a lot. I have fixed it. The other part of it was below the left column.Please how can I make it firefox compactible.
  14. Thanks for the reply but it did not work.Your effort is highly appreciated.
  15. Hi friends,Please how can i make my site adjustible to the screen when restored or viwd on smaller screen.www.beamzintl.comMy code is#wrapper{align:center;width:80%;height:auto;}#content{align:center;width:100%;height:100%;}the wrapper div is 80%, determining the size while the content div is 100% where all other codes are. thanks for your time.
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