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  1. I get the error ERROR 1066 (42000): Not unique table/alias:I cant figure out whats wrong with it.SELECT p.id as id_produk, p.nama_produk, p.stok, p.url_title, p.deskripsi, p.file_name, p.id_kategori_produk, p.fk_jenis_id,p.fk_merk_id, p.fk_gudang_id, p.created_at, kp.id, kp.nama_kategori, jm.id, jm.jenis_material, mm.id, mm.merk_material, gm.id, gm.gudang_material FROM produk as p, kategori_produk as kp, produk as p, jenis_material as jm, produk as p, merk_material as mm, produk as p, gudang_material as gm WHERE p.id_kategori_produk = kp.id, p.fk_jenis_id = jm.id, p.fk_merk_id = mm.id, p.fk_gudang_id = gm.id ORDER BY created_at DESC LIMIT 0, 15Filename: C:xampphtdocstelkomaksessystemdatabaseDB_driver.phpLine Number: 330
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