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  1. I love the way W3Schools provides "Browser Support" information for HTML and CSS references! That feature has been invaluable as the development projects I'm on move to HTML 5. The move to HTML 5 is also including a better focus on Web Content Accessibility. Over the last year or so I've started to wish that you had a similar support feature with respect to Screen Readers. I know that this gets complicated very quickly due to the fact that most screen readers operate on particular OS's, and in conjunction with whatever browser (and browser version) the user prefers, but still a very basic matrix could be very useful. Some suggested Screen Reader + OS + Browser combinations: JAWS on Windows 7 with Chrome NVDA on Windows 7 with IE11 JAWS on Window 8 with IE11 JAWS on Windows 10 with Edge VoiceOver on Apple OSX with Safari VoiceOver on Apple OSX with Chrome VoiceOver on iOS with Safari TalkBack on Android 5.0 with Chrome I generated my list by choosing the most popular OS's, browsers and Screen Readers (I'll cite my sources if that becomes an issue). My list is obviously lacking any mention of Firefox which should probably be squeezed in somewhere. Do a few, do them all, add in whatever other configurations you happen to test - any additional info you could add would be great! I know this is a huge wishlist item, but it would assist many people in making better choices for producing web content that is accessible across the broadest range of technology.
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