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  1. Hello guys! I have an issue on my website. As you can see on the inclosed picture, I have white borders on my footer. But they appear only on phone screens and I can't see where they are located in the CSS... Any idea please? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello everyone! I've got 6 details I wish to improve through my WP theme, Evolve. And I guess I need some CSS for them but I'm not good enough right now to do it all alone... So, I'm asking for your help today! I hope I'm not asking to much... Here is my (french) website : le-chemin-du-butterfly.fr 1. You can see I've got a widget on the right of my page. I'd like to resize it to give more space to my text (right now, it's 66% and 33% and I would like 75%-25%). I tried some things but I have to made it so that it still responsive. But I don't know how... I guess I have to add some If or And but.. how? 2. Again with this menu, I would like my text to be around it. Right now, the text is only in its column and doesn't go under the widget when it's after it. Menu and text are truly separated in two columns 3. Talking about menu, you can see I've got 2 links in my header ("Une Histoire de Bouquins" and "The Voyage"). What I'm looking after is to duplicate it on the right to add other links... But I guess it's HTML rather than CSS and I need to configure the theme itself for this right? But then, have you tips for me to do so? 4. I've got a search bar in the header but on small screens this search bar doesn't show very well: the text that's shown when you click on the button is shown... all time on small screens. So, it's not very... Professional. 5. I ran the plugin Livefyre for the comments but since, the "Leave a comment" (Laisser un commentaire) doesn't scroll down to the comments menu, because the anchor is #respond and not "#comments" or "#livefyre-comments" as the Livefyre's Support told me. So, how I can I manage that? Here is a link to an article for an example I know I'm asking a lot (especially for a first message!) but I've to say I'm kind of lost in all of this. I'm learning HTML/CSS from not so long and I can't figure out how to do this... Thank you a lot in advance!And see you
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