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  1. Hello there, I am plan (in near future) to start with learning and training with node.js. Since I have habit to learn and remind from w3s (manner of writing), do you plan to add some tutorials and references for node.js? Thank you for all!
  2. 1. way (with monthly cost but less headache): You can use some of SMS service gateway providers and make your own PHP script with their API or using SMPP 2. way (without biggest cost but you are in need more time and patience): If you wanna to use your own mobile number and your own equipment (without dependence) you are in need: * Mobile phone with wifi (or TV box with ethernet card my favorite) with Android OS; * SMS Gateway Application; * PHP server for android. The last one is not really need because most of those sms gateway app can work as a email to sms gateway (witch was your first question). PHP server on android will need you if you plan to connect your main PHP application to service via your custom api (GET or POST request). Please PM if you need some more of mine experience because I am not sure can I favorite some of software here on public forum.
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