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  1. How is the section tag defined in HTML? What can be done with it? How is it used? How is it formatted? Can it be used much as sections are used in a word processor?
  2. This would limit the first-letter to the first paragraph in a section?
  3. How do I set CSS for the first letter in the first paragraph in an article or section?
  4. alankellogg

    Where to Find

    Where would I find a reliable, up to date, and well explained, and complete tutorial on CSS. And no, that does not include the w3cschools tutorial, which is missing a few things largely because certain people make too many assumptions. Remember "paragraphs"? And please don't tell me paragraphs are covered under other subjects; I want to learn about paragraphs and CSS I want to find the information under "paragraphs". Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Are there any blog and cms engines that use HTML properly?
  6. How do you write a style sheet, I can't find a tutorial for that anywhere on the site.
  7. Are there any peculiarities to using CSS on a WordPress site. Anybody know where I can find a CSS and WordPress tutorial?
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