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  1. Lowercase "post" Uppercase "POST"for me, this made a difference. try changing them to be the same. uppercase.
  2. yeah, i figured it out. my SQL syntax just a little bit off.
  3. you only have to list the columns if youre not using every single column. I just put a '' in the space for the column i'm not using.
  4. I'm building a store with php and sql. the user can shop around, add stuff to their cart and then buy it. when they buy it, the site creates an invoice. the code is supposed to change the column `invoice` in the cart table to the id number of the invoice on all the item in that invoice. and change the `status` to '2'.for some reason it changes `invoice` and `status` to '0'.heres the code: $timestamp = date('Y.m.d.H.i');\\ get the user id session_start(); $connection = mysql_connect("server", "user", "password") or die(mysql_error()); $db = mysql_select_db(database,$connection)or die(mysql_e
  5. shalendar

    Secure form

    okay, thanks for the help.as far as the preg match goes, how do i set it to look for multiple things, such as: <>?~!#$%^&*"':;.
  6. shalendar

    Secure form

    I'm sorry, you're going to have to explain more. I don't understand what you are saying in the first paragraph.and how can the form detect "bad data"?
  7. shalendar

    Secure form

    I've been doing a lot of work with forms(registration, email, etc.), and a guy i know pointed out that the forms don't block symbols and other characters that hackers would use to attack my site. how can i filter out/block these characters?
  8. shalendar

    Secure log in

    That will be helpful. thanks.how do i make a https page?
  9. shalendar

    Secure log in

    I'm making a business log in. the clients will be using personal information. how do i make a secure login and SQL database?
  10. i've used FF on 3 different computers and it works fine. where exactly is the gap?
  11. cool, thanks. that page will come in handy later.
  12. post a screen shot. i dont know what you mean.
  13. they were very large but im changing them to thumbnails. it should work now.
  14. using the css radius code, not the images.
  15. can we get back to my topic? any suggestions on getting my gallery to work properly? the padding on the main gallery wont work. i want the thumbs to be padded by 20px.
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