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  1. my website ukpr-planner.co.uk so atm people can sign up and it take them to the back end where they can store data but is there a way for my database to create the Username then when you click there name all the tables show there? because atm when a user signs up its displayed like below so if i had 10 users sign up my database would look huge. pigeonlist_User pigeonpair_User pigeonpicture_User i would like it so it create the username then them id/tables are with them ? User1 Pigeonlist Pigeonpair ect sorry i prob dont make no sence at all but i hope you get what i mean
  2. i have googled things like " how do i show the content of that user when they log in" but i couldnt find anything help was just showing how to make a sign up page and sign in page, any help to point me in the right direction would be greatful
  3. cheers ill google around and have alook
  4. i no a bit about php and sql work im in no rush just a project to do over the months
  5. hello im new to this and hopping you guys can help and i can learn, what i want to be able todo hope i explaine this right, i would like for people to sign up to the website and they can store there data/info, my questions are how do i do it so each user has there own data show up, and can edit add or delete things, something like this site pigeondb.com
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