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  1. I did in the optional part but OKParse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSEIF on line 12
  2. billybob joe

    Help please

    <?php$random = rand(1,3000);if ($random > 2800) echo "You've gotten 50 EXP! To claim this PM me, GunnarJ, the code to the right!"; echo rand(1,10); echo "&"; echo rand(100,120); echo "$"; echo rand(1,2); echo "."; echo rand(10000,10009);elseif ($random < 500) echo "You've gotten 25 EXP! To claim this PM me, GunnarJ, the code to the right!"; echo rand(50,60); echo "*"; echo rand(800,850); echo "#"; echo rand(123,133); echo "^"; echo rand(1000,1200);else echo "Sorry, you havent gotten any EXP, please try again";?><a href="expindex.php">Go back to the main
  3. Is it possible to have a button and when you click the button, image appear underneath it that were never there, kinda like a folder thats holds them and unloads them when clicked?
  4. What I want to know is how I store the variables in the a file that uses $name as the filename ( it would be $name.php ) and then have a pre set thing that diplays all the variables as I want them ad stuff..
  5. Ok i have int file_put_contents ( string $_POST['name'].php , mixed $data [, int $flags [, resource $context ]] ) How am I supposed to write to the file making it so it displays a pre set profile for the newly created pokemon? And did I use the string thing right?
  6. I am trying to make a file named (namethattheychose).php and store there name, real name, and other things they submitted in the store with one extra variable called levelIts for a pokemon thing im making...... I hangout at a place called pokeplushies and Im making a thing for a shop Im going to make where you enter name and your name and stuff and it stores the variables so I can display it on another file and leve up and what not
  7. <?php$file=fopen("$_POST['name'].txt","x") or exit ("Name taken!");$level="1";$name="$_POST['name']";$owner="$_POST['owner']";fclose="$file";echo $_POST['name'];echo " has been created!";echo " Too see him/her, go to [url="http://www.pokeplanet.t35.com/";"]http://www.pokeplanet.t35.com/";[/url]echo $_POST['name'];echo ".txt";?> How am I supposed to store variables? Is taht correct?
  8. What if I were to use radio buttons?
  9. Okay, Im working on this thing to create pokemon and am having troubles with the form....heres what I have:Pokemoncreator.html <html><head><title>My New T35 Free Web Hosting Site</title></head><body><a href="index.php"> Go back to the main page</a><br><form action="pokelab.php" method="get"><input type="checkbox" name="one" value="1"><input type="checkbox" name="two" value="2"><input type="submit" value="Create!"></form></body></html> pokelab.php <html><head><title>My New T35 Fr
  10. Is it possible to change a variable when a form is submitted like changing total submitions from 0 to 1? just an example
  11. Is it? If so how? because I'm testing something ( please tell if this is possible ) where if you put your name in ( first and last ) then it sends the info to a dictionary ( on another file ) and if the name is already in there then it puts it in the dictionary ( the ASP type ) but I dont know what function to do to request access to the file with the dictionary
  12. Urrg... still not working... whats wrong with this?<%@ language=vbscript %><HTML><BODY bgcolor="lightblue"><form action="index.asp?" method="get">Your name: <input type="text" name="Name" size="20" />Authentication Code: <input type="password" AuthenticationCode="Authentication Code" size="20" /><input type="submit" value="Submit" /></form><%dim namedim AuthenticationCodeName=Request.QueryString("Name")Name=Request.QueryString("Authentication Code")If Name="Gunnar" & Password="123" Then Response.Write("Hi, Gunnar, Your so awesome :-)")
  13. I like the "Earths Athmoshpere" picture
  14. ... is it unsolvable? 135 people have seen it and no one has answered it...
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