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  1. Hello, Thanks for the information. However, I did fail to provide a little more information. I was trying to figure out how to do this on MSSQL. Will the logic be the same or is there a reference link that I need to look at that will work best with MSSQL? Thanks!
  2. Hello Community - I am trying to figure out the sql query to provide me the results that I am looking for in date range from now to 7 days prior. Use Case: When running sales reports for our company, I would like for the query to look at the database and basically pull the last 7 days data. How is this done and could you direct me in that direction, please? Thank you in advance. -Isaiah
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    Inner Joins

    Thank you, Foxy Mod. That helped and worked!
  4. imelendez

    Inner Joins

    Hello All - I am new to SQL joins and I am having a difficulty grabbing data from another table. The table I am primarily running select statements on to output the information I need is HRO. I am wanting to grab some data from the StoreInfo table, but, I cannot seem to get the INNER JOIN function to work. I get this "the multiplier identifier could not be bound." What am I doing wrong? Please see the code below. use ROWDW; select store_UIN.HRO, store_UIN.StoreInfo FORMAT(SUM(total-tax), 'C', 'en-us') AS 'Sales ending 02/06/2016', COUNT(RO_NO) as 'Car Count', FORMAT(((SUM((tot
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