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  1. ok, ok. I found where it says to download the "w3-include-HTML.js" I just dont know where to put it... i tried putting it in <head></head> on the main page (the one calling for the list) and I also tried saving it as its own file saved under the name above in the same directory. no luck..
  2. <script src="w3-include-HTML.js"></script> It must have something to do with this line... i have no "w3-include-HTML.js" file
  3. ok..I found a solution on this schools website http://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_html_include.asp <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <div w3-include-html="content.html"></div> <script src="w3-include-HTML.js"></script> </body> </html> The only problem is...i can copy this exact code (above) and save it in an .html file on my pc (to test it) and it does not work. It works great on the website test panel and is exactly what I need to be able to insert a list that I dont need to edit on every page. I even save this (below) in a sepe
  4. Thanks Foxie for the lead with the include statement. I followed the link and it does look like PHP would do it, just will take me some time to work it, which is not a problem. I was just hoping there would be a simple HTML solution similar to when I source an image on my site; <img src="Thumb Art/Duck_Watercolor_thumb.jpg" class="featureimg" /> It just seems that if I can source and image I should be able to source a list of text... If i used PHP...... would the "source" look something like this and be found in the same directory?; list.php <?php $list='HTML for my list'
  5. Good Day to All. I have a website to display my artwork and poetry. In the poetry section there is the main page with links to other pages and also an anthology which lists my poems by title, the titles are linked to a page to view the poems in their entirety. When you click the link to any poem, that page also displays the anthology so that you can easily navigate to the next poem that interests you without having to return to the main poetry page. The problem I find myself with is that when I want to add a new poem to the anthology I need to edit every page that contains that list. Not so
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