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  1. Just to add, the $username gets the users name off the system whom ever is logged in
  2. I cant understand why this is not working.. I compare two strings, if they match then do something.. I'm getting values 1 for the first and 8 for the second?? carquest-clearvape carquest-carquest if (strcmp($_SESSION['username'],$username)==0) echo $this->amount($offer['amount'], $listing['currency']); else echo $this->amount("*****", $listing['currency']);
  3. I'm trying to remove the download link to the control, could anyone help with this please? <html> <head> </head> <body> <audio id="sample" src="unforgettable fire.mp3" controls preload></audio> <br> <a href="javascript:playSegment(10, 15);">Play1</a> <script> var audio = document.getElementById('sample'); var segmentEnd; audio.addEventListener('timeupdate', function () { if (segmentEnd && audio.currentTime >= segmentEnd) { audio.pause(); } console.log(audio.currentTime); }, false); function playSegment(startTime, endTime){ segmentEnd = endTime; audio.currentTime = startTime; audio.play(); } </script> </body> </html>
  4. Has anyone got any knowledge with simple dom please?
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