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    Yes I understand what you are saying but...If I do that it appears me below the form all the values that I will enter with NULL and when I click submit button displays (removes the null) what I have enter. I want to have nothing until only when the user click the submit button of the form to appear the data...I hope you can understand what I'm tying to do...
  2. panaoui


    Because I'm new to the world of JSP....I have an easy problem....I think!I have a sevlet which is executed through an html page. Now with in that sevlet I diplay one form where the user can write some text and then because of the form I have a button to click (to post them). I want to show the data that the user wrote in the same page (below the form).I have make the action="" to the same page....After that what I have to do...?How can I say that when the button is click to show the data below the form...?Anyone?Thanks
  3. panaoui

    Which Book?

    First of all sorry about my English accent I'm not good at it...I want to make a database under asp.net but the problem is that I don't want to make a relational Database(Sql) but an object Database(Db4o)...I have look into several books how to work with databases under asp but all were with Sql.Does anyone knows any book that is has asp using database with Db4o ?Thanks Pan
  4. panaoui


    Yes I have put them....It doesn't appear them but I have try to do it writing by hand on the Imageurl "~/Msn.jpg" and it's work.... Now I don't know why if I clicking the ellipses there not there....
  5. panaoui


    I have a little question about something in ASP.NET 2.0...I want to insert an image in my web page...I drag and drop image control in default.aspx,I paste my image inside the App_data folder.I choose the image URL from the properties and then in display window the App_data folder shows me that no images are inside I click All Files but still doesn't shows me the images to select...What's wrong?
  6. panaoui

    Which one?

    Hi,I have started to learn to learn Asp .Net2.0 through a book. Few days ago I saw that there is a new version .Net3.5. Now I wonder if I install 3.5 should I will be able to follow with the book I had which support .Net2.0 . Are there a lot of differences between this two versions?Thanks Pan
  7. SORRY,I have wrote in the wrong forum....
  8. Hi,I have started to learn to learn Asp .Net2.0 through a book. Few days ago I saw that there is a new version .Net3.5. Now I wonder if I install 3.5 should I will be able to follow with the book I had which support .Net2.0 . Are there a lot of differences between this two versions?
  9. It's ok as a toolbar. I want to have inside the text area a form with few text fields. I want the toolbar to have the ease to make different formats on the text that I will wrote in the fields italic,bold,colour etc. This is causing me a problem because every time I click on anything I can overwrite other text and don't want this...Maybe I'm trying to do it with a wrong way.... I'm a newbie.... sorry if I'm waste your time...
  10. Basically what I'm trying to do is to have a form with some text fields to be fill and the user to have a toolbar to make different formats on the text and after to save them into database. I think about it to having the TinyMCE you told me and in the text area to add my form(the code). I have try to do this... it works but anywhere you click in the text area you can overwrite and this is a problem...Is there anything to do or any other way?I hope you understand what I'm trying to do...
  11. Yes I have download some toolbar... they are fine but....I want only the toolbar without the text area below it... I will construct my own text area... Is it possible to find such a toolbar?
  12. I don't know if I'm writing in the right forum.... I hope that is the right.... How can I insert a format toolbar in my webpage(like that one I be provided when I post a topic right now)? Are there any free ready format toobars(Can you tell me Webpage) or should I construct them(How)?Thanks
  13. panaoui

    Rich Text

    I will need the information you gave me... I'm new to web developer programmning but will try to do it ... hopefully soon and if I have any problems I will let you know... Thanks for the help
  14. panaoui

    Rich Text

    Hi,I want help on the following:I'm going to construct a webpage(hopefully) where I will be insert a text area and a toolbar somewhere (like that I'm writing know the topic) where the user he would be able to write some text. This text it would be having some rich text like bold,bullets,colour...All this information I will be save them into the database somehow. Now my questions---> How can I save rich text properties in my database? Should I make another column in the database to save them? ---> How can I spilt the text which the user has wrote to "sections" so I can said that this "point" up to here is that information so save it in that column?I don't know if you understand me what I'm trying to ask.Sorry about my English I'm not very good on spelling them... Thanks
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