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  1. Thank you. will try that and get back with results!
  2. Thank You so much for your time and advice, I am not using any tools just the browser and have no clue about the difference between HTML, JS and CSS. I was hoping if I could get some simple instructions as to how to go around to apply the popup to my website. Thank you..
  3. To be frank I am a noob with this, could you help me with a step by step process. I am using html editor in template that's all I know. Sorry in here i can see the example but how can I go around applying to my blog? In the sense where do I paste it in html editor of themes or new gadget. In new gadget it doesnt give me a pop up until i click open modal and in html editor of themes gives me error when i paste it above header from below document type??
  4. yes i did do some research, however I am not able to get a proper popup as I mentioned earlier. I searched the site and tried popup alert and prompt and another, all of which would require user to click on the button and then click the option. But I would like to know in detail how to create a modal/popup which displays my disclaimer and then allow according to their consent.
  5. Hi, I wanted to create a popup/modal window on my blogger website landing page. This would be a disclaimer and on agreeing users can access the webpage (www.atriumjuris.ga). Can anyone please help!?
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