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  1. Found a typo. When I used fetch_row, I did change them to echo $row4[1] etc etc. I did find a typo and it works now. However, the fetch_assoc is still giving me the "r" for the results. I wish I can understand why so I can learn something. Thank you .When I did use fetch_assoc, I did change the values to $row4['School']; etc etc
  2. I am hear you buddy. I have tried mysqli_fetch_assoc($result4), mysqli_fetch_array($result4), mysqli_fetch_row($result4). Only so I can at least see a different results to figure out the problem is. They all give me the same exact answer. For testing. The IMDid is 35;Team:rCoach:rTeam Color:rSchool:r
  3. print_r is giving me the right results!! Array ( [0] => 19 [1] => 35 [2] => YES [3] => YES [4] => NO [5] => NO [6] => NO ) Not sure how the heck I got Echo instead of echo!! LOL
  4. This keeps returning odd results. I can't find much information online when I researched it. The results are, For testing. The IMDid is 35; Team:r Coach:r Team Color:r School:r echo "For testing. The IMDid is " .$IMDid; $sql4 = "SELECT * FROM reminders WHERE userFK = '$IMDid'"; $result4 = mysqli_query($conn, $sql4); if (mysqli_num_rows($result4) > 0) { while ($row4=mysq
  5. This sounded easier to do that I had thought. I am trying to wrap my mind around the loop but it is not working out for me. I think "Create an empty-string variable outside the loop that produces each row." is what is confusing me. How is this done? Thank you
  6. Excellent. Thank you so much. I thought of a similar solution, but thought maybe I should do some research before I reinvent the wheel.
  7. Hello folks, I am afraid i may not be using the correct wording with the "Title", but I hope I can clarify. I have a table with three columns column 1: FileName column 2: FinishDate column 3: FinishTime When I do a fetch the rows and display them I get FileName, FinishDate, FinishTime FileName, FinishDate, FinishTime FileName, FinishDate, FinishTime etc etc What I am trying to do is to group the same FileName to display FileName FinishDate, FinishTime FinishDate, FinishTime etc FileName FinishDate, FinishTi
  8. wow!! I thought my issue was syntax related. This is going to be a disaster for me to figure out. lol
  9. How do I turn off a password protected workbook. Obviously I have the password. I am trying to make a copy of the protected workbook and make the new copy unprotected. Thank you very much set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") Set objWorkbook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("C:\mypath\..\..\protected.xlsx") xlApp.Visible=TRUE Set targetSchedule = xlApp.Workbooks(1) targetSchedule.SaveAs ("C:\mypath\..\..\..\uprotected_copy.xlsx") Dim myPass myPass = "12345678" targetSchedule.Unprotect password:=myPass
  10. If I understand you correctly, YES. I sent myself an email to xxxxxxxxxx@att.txt.net from my gmail account and it came to the phone as a text message just as expected. Thank you for the help
  11. IndianaGuy

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    This use to work but not anymore. Any ideas why? when I replace $to with a real email address. it works just fine! //xx.. is a 10 digit phone number. ATT says this should work! $to = xxxxxxxxxx@att.txt.net"; $subject = "My subject"; $txt = "Hello world!"; mail($to,$subject,$txt);
  12. Looking for a recommendation for a audio/video player that will work on mobile devices. I don't care if I pay a few bucks for it but free is good as well. I need something that will be easily modified. I will need to add some eventlistener and record the users play/stop actions etc. Thank you
  13. I appreciate your help. Still trying to figure out your response and how to use it on a function, or if that is even a good idea. this $stmt is going to be ran several times in a row. I figure prepared statement is the best way to go. Also, column opener_Ask is a integer. it's just a counter keeping track of how many times it was triggered. The following works but I would rather keep it the old way so I can learn more on how it works lol.Also $colName is the one that will change everytime more so than the $sesID $stmt = $conn->prepare("UPDATE tbl_calls SET $colName =
  14. My very first prepared statement :-). I am sure its wrong, but not sure why . I get error "Call to a member function bind_param() on boolean". Thank you for your advice. <?php function updateCallStats($colName,$sesID){ $servername = "localhost"; $username = "root"; $password = ""; $database = "abc"; $conn = new mysqli($servername,$username,$password,$database); $stmt = $conn->prepare("UPDATE tbl_calls SET ? = ? + 1 WHERE memberid_fk = ?"); $stmt->bind_param("ssi", $colName, $colName, $sesID); $stmt->execute(); echo "Wooohoo. I did it"; } $colN
  15. The developer tools in Chrome is not showing that there are nay errors! Any other place I can go that may identified errors? Thank you
  16. I have a very simple code that often only works after I get to the page, then ask for the page to reload. If I click the button without reloading, nothing happens. If I click after page refresh, it works perfect. Thank you for your help. This page has a few tables all brought in by PHP select statements etc. Could that possible have some anything to do with it? <script> $(document).ready(function(){ //OPENING PRIMARY $('.OpenerPri').on ('touchstart click',function() { var ppNum = ($(this).val()); var callType = 'opener_pri'; ($(this).prop('disabled', true)
  17. Thank you sir. I have ran into a couple of prepared statements examples but I have been shy to learn them. This is a good time to just get it done. I appreciate you
  18. I am getting incorrect results with this (getting future events in the results). I am not sure if it is a date issue, or the select statement is bad. I am trying to select all the rows that have $ses_memberID in any of those columns and at the same time, only display the rows that will be on the correct date. The table structure for pp_date is the standard Date type which i believe is Y-m-d format. My next step will be to find out which column is found the search criteria in. Just in case that will effect how this step will look. Thank you so much for your help! $todaysDate=date("Y-m-
  19. I am trying this. the console shows the right value, but when it gets send to accessName.php, it comes back saying it's not there. I tested accessName.php alone by setting $name="24" and I get the results I want. The 24 is the same value of the console log <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#btn").click(function(){ var vname = $("#uplinePri").text(); console.log(vname); if(vname=='' ) { alert("vname is empty"); } else{ console.log(vname); $.post("accessName.php", { name:vname }, function(response){ $("#uplinePri").text(response); }); } }); }); </script>
  20. Hmmmm! You mean in the "while..." statement?. That's interesting and thank you. How would I go about overcoming that?. Will it be better if I use Ajax to get the information i need based on the $row['value1'] and $row['value2']?
  21. I am utterly confused with this. The Section 1 works fine but section 2 says" could not find section 2 info". If I copy/paste section 2 on top of section 1, then section 2 will work and section 1 will say "could not find section 1 info" !!! Something happens after a SECTION that makes it stop recognizing the following section. Thank you for your advice. $sql3 = "SELECT * FROM tbl_imd WHERE memberid_fk = '$ses_memberID'"; $result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql3); if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) { // profile already started so display content //echo "profile in the syst
  22. I am new at this and playing around right now to learn JQuery. I am am thankfull for resources and advice you might give. I am sending a request to a file and I want the returned results to be entered in a disabled input box <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#req_btn").click(function(){ $("#myResults").load("get_results.php"); }); }); </script> Outcome: <input type="text" id="myResults" name="myResults" disabled>
  23. I am trying to make an INT field in my database to be updated from current value to current value +1. I have this so far but the value is not updating. Thank you $sql2 = "UPDATE tbl_team SET TM_Counter = TM_Counter + 1 WHERE TM_code=$access_code"; $result2=mysqli_query($sql2);
  24. Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much
  25. How would I select ui block-a with id "desc". Also, how would I select .ui block-a with class "titles" as the same time? Thank you in advance .ui-block-a, { background-color: lightgray; border: 1px solid black; height: 300px; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; }
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