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  1. Wander

    Browser Ip

    u mean the ip of the server, or the ip of the visitor? (btw, the browser doesnt have anything to do with it, if someone would request a website without using a browser, this someone would still have an ip address)in php the ip address of the visitor gets stored in the variable $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']
  2. u save the string with the replaces characters in $newText, but u still echo the old $adCopy that doesnt have characters replacedin a post earlier u used $newText=mb_ereg_replace($order,$replace,$str);, as first argument u use an array $order, while the function only accepts strings as first argument
  3. Wander

    Email To Self

    Are you sure you are giving the inputs a name-attribute instead of an id-attribute?as zachary said, can you post the html-form here too?
  4. u cant do it with ajax, because browsers limit the access with ajax till the same domain, for security reasonsyou can try file_get_contents, but i think ur host has blocked that one as well, u can also try using cURL, if that is blocked too i dont think theres an easy way, or any way at all, so the only solution would be switching to another host
  5. Wander

    If Else Statment

    use == instead of =
  6. to make a column automatically auto-increment you have to set it that way in sqlif you have phpmyadmin you can edit the column and at Extra set it on AUTO_INCREMENT, i believe the table has to be empty to change this
  7. you can use the dl() function for that, see: http://www.php.net/dl
  8. ur dubble-quotes get messy in $sql around the form stuff, i'd suggest u use single quotes more$sql = "insert into games (game_id, gamename, gamediscription, gamelink, gamecode, width,height) values ('$id','$g_name','$g_dis','<form method=\"post\" action=\"playgame.phtml\"><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"game\" value=\"$id\"><input type=\"submit\" value=\"Play Game\" class=\"playgame\"></form>','$g_code','$g_width','$g_height')";
  9. in this case:if($_POST['adminlogin'] == "check")when it gives that error, it means theres no post-data-field called adminloginif all you want is to get rid of those notices, then you could put at the top of the page: ini_set('error_reporting',E_ALL^E_NOTICE);this however just doesnt show notices anymore, it doesnt fix anythingif you wanna fix each of these undefined-index-notices, the easiest way is to check if they exist using isset(), which you could do this way:if(isset($_POST['adminlogin']) && $_POST['adminlogin'] == "check")
  10. glob(..) returns an array of files that match the first argument<?php echo '<select>'; $files = glob('some_folder/*.mp3'); foreach($files as $file){ echo '<option>'.$file.'</option>'; } echo '</select>';?>
  11. Wander

    Ok How Hard?

    do you mean that the forum software now saves all topics, posts, members, etc. in text files, and you want to change it in saving it in mysql?i think it's not that hard if ure a bit experienced, the only thing that really changes is the reading and writing of the data, but i guess it also depends on how this is done now
  12. whats the point of this part?ImagePng($newimage,$tsrc);elseif (function_exists("imagepng")) {Header("Content-type: image/png");ImagePNG($newimage,$tsrc);}first of all the elseif doesnt make sense cause there isnt an if before it (or at least not one that closes right before it)2nd of all u first use imagepng(), and then check if imagepng() exists, and then use it again
  13. not sure what exactly causes the problem, but first u say:$email = isset($_POST['email']) ? trim($_POST['email']) : '';and later:$_SESSION['email'] = $_POST['email'];shouldnt that be:$_SESSION['email'] = $email;do you use session_register() anywhere in ur code?
  14. not sure if this is what ur looking for, but you can use global $var; for this$var = value;function someFunction(){ global $var; // now u can do stuff with $var here}i'd also suggest u to use public or private instead of var in the class, var was used in php4, but theyre replaced by private and public in php5
  15. try using preg_replace instead, $str = preg_replace('/<br ?\/?>\r?\n<br ?\/?>/i',"</p>\n<p>",$str);
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