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  1. Thank you for your help!Much appreciated!
  2. The table is for data display purposes. The colum width is set, so as a result, I'm getting word wrapping on certain enteries. I don't want the overall table size to keep changing as I page through the data set. As I understand it, NOWRAP would not exceed column width and as a result truncate itself at this point.
  3. An obvious “work around” for this problem is to truncate the entry prior to display. However, the problem is that a truncated entry is less visually appealing, as you may see an obviously truncated entry which does not fill the column (due to character spacing variations.) NOWRAP is clearly the solution, but what I’ve done wrong is not.
  4. Am hoping one of you experts can help me with what will no doubt be a simple matter to you.I’m trying to restrict word wrapping in a table. I have defined a style with the whitespaces : nowrap option set, but it doesn’t seem to have any affect on the table. I include the relevant code sections below. Can anybody please help?<style> .firstline {white-space: nowrap; background-color: white; color: black; font-size = 11;} .secondline {white-space: nowrap; background-color: rgb(225,224,238); color: black; font-size = 11;} </style>PHP codeif (blurd..............) {$row_class = "first
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