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    mail form

    I get Array ( )
  2. zivsun

    mail form

    Thanks for the adviceStill when I hard code it works fine$message ='this better works';when I pass a POST I do not get anything but an empty email$message = $_POST['enquiry'] ;Is there any issues wuth my HTML that im not seeing?Thanks
  3. zivsun

    mail form

    Hi,Im new, so please forgive the misunderstandingIm trying to build a PHP formThis is the HTML: <div id="content"> <!-- <h3>צור קשר</h3> --> <p></p> <form id="contact" method="post" action="mail.php"enctype="text/plain"> <div class="row1"> <span class="formlabel">שם</span> <span class="forminput"><input type="text" name="name" /></span> </div> <div class="row1"> <span class="formlabel">אימייל</span> <span class="form
  4. Hi,I need some help, can't figure. onMouseOver/onMouseOut works well in IE7 but does not in IE6.Any Idea?CSS: (Part)#gallery { position: relative; width: 656px; padding-top: 8px;}#thumbs { width: 205px; float: right;}#thumbs a { display: block; float: right; margin: 1px 0px 3px 10px; width: 50px; height: 50px; border: 2px solid #40403E;}#thumbs a img { width: 50px; height: 50px; border: 0;}#thumbs a:hover {border-color: #ddd;}#thumbs a:hover img { position: absolute; width: auto; height: auto; right: 200px;/*right: 296px;*/ /* top: 8px;*/top: 55px; padding: 2px; borde
  5. zivsun

    hover help

    Thanks,I was able to accomplish this by using onMouseOver<b href="#nogo" onMouseOver="pic7.src='images/series_one/133_big.jpg';" onMouseOut="pic7.src='images/series_one/133_small_t.jpg';"><img src="images/series_one/133_small_t.jpg" alt="Home" name="pic7" border="0"></b>
  6. zivsun

    hover help

    Hi, Im new so I hope ill make senseIm trying to build a photo gallary, got the basic idea from cssplay.co.ukThe thumbs will be on the right and the image will pop up on teh left once you hover a thumbMy qestion is as follow, can I use one image in the thumb and once I hover it I will get a diff image on the left. Example could be great.Thanks for the helpCSS:body{background-image: url(C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\benbenben2t.jpg);background-repeat: no-repeat;background-position: top left;}#gallery { position: relative; width: 656px; padding-top: 8px;}#thumbs { width: 205p
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