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  1. I guess I don't exactly understand the difference. Definitely feel way in over my head trying to figure this out, didn't think it would be so complicated to use a Gsuite Email for Contact7 lol. I tried this guide, thinking the API method would work and constantly just kept getting errors. http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-send-email-in-wordpress-using-the-gmail-smtp-server/
  2. Hey. So I went through that site and found the option about some hosts not allowing Gmail/Google Suite to work. Currently using A2Hosting with the Lite Shared Package for hosting. Looks like that may be the issue. https://www.a2hosting.com/kb/getting-started-guide/setting-up-e-mail/using-external-smtp-servers-to-send-e-mail Any ideas on a workaround? I was thinking maybe if I created a new email on Cpanel and a new FWD it could get around it? Thanks,
  3. OK. So I went into the Admin Console > Security > Advanced Security Settings and enabled it for each user to change their less secure app settings. I then went back to my regular email and followed the guide you linked and enabled it. Went back and tried to test it again and just no luck receiving it in regular inbox or spam.
  4. Nothing had come through to allow it and/or show it was blocked. Didn't find in settings to allow that, do you happen to know where it is located in Gmail Settings?
  5. The test said it was successful but never came through to my email.
  6. Yes, followed the directions for what it suggested and also looked them up.
  7. This text comes up when I click submit on the form: Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.
  8. Hi. Not sure if this is the right area for this but wasn't sure where it would fit exactly. I have a website hosted by A2Hosting which is currently using Wordpress and utilizing ContactForm7. The contact form used to use an outlook email and when a user filled it out, I would get it. The problem is occurring now since I've signed up for a GSuite email to use for my domain. After adding that email to ContactForm7, it fails to send me the email each time and tells me it's failed to send. I've tried using Easy WP SMTP without luck and also WP Mail SMTP. I haven't found a solution to this problem yet. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
  9. That seemed to do the fix. I really appreciate the help. I think with its current state it's OK. I'm going to go and dive into some research and self educating on everything you mentioned. Thank you again.
  10. I updated the following to display: inline-block; #footer #header #wrapper #main I tried to do it in the background (line 188) but that made the page kind of static. Adding the ones above, scroll now shows up but the footer disappears. I am assuming I can change something in the footer to fix this. I tried all different type of display options but that did not improve it. What would you suggest to fix this? I feel like it's nearly there. I really appreciate the help.
  11. I think that makes more sense to me. I removed from body overflow completely. Went to #main and tried changing position here from fixed to inherit. It does bring up the side and bottom scroll for me but offsets the content. What would you recommend? One thing I wanted to clarify. Should fixed and absolute ONLY be used in cases of under/overlaying?
  12. I changed body from overflow: hidden to scroll. I also tried visible and auto. I also changed position in #main to relative from fixed and #wrapper to relative too. I kept playing around with each option but it would either show the scrollbar but offset content or completely wipe out content. Could you explain more about the outer container? I'm a bit confused about this on how to fix it and prevent it in the future. Thank you.
  13. My apologies. Here is the link: http://highintensityrecords.com/ As I mentioned. Portrait mode shows up OK for more (5-inch screen) but the landscape view, it won't allow it to scroll down to the social icons. I've tested it on Android, not iOS or Win Phone at this point. Thank you.
  14. Thank you. That did fix the issue for portrait viewing on mobile, however, on the landscape mode on mobile it won't scroll down to access the social buttons or copyright statement. Is there any CSS to fix this or would I need to explore a different language?
  15. Is there any code you would recommend changing directly and/or adding? I've been playing with it for a while and I know it's quite simple but seem to be stuck on fixing this.
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