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  1. Ok, I have the code on the bottom. I have it a drop down menu. What I want is to have the menu slide from the left to right. So what code is need to be changed or added to take an effect? Menu Code: <div class="topnav" id="myTopnav"> <a href="#home">Home</a> <a href="#news">News</a> <a href="#contact">Contact</a> <a href="#about">About</a> <a href="javascript:void(0);" class="icon" onclick="myFunction()">&#9776;</a> </div>
  2. I still needing some help. When I ask for some help I never got helped. What I am trying to do is I want the menu slide from the left to right when clicked. I asked for help to what code to change I got ignored.
  3. Yes, I am still using this menu for the mobile and tablet layout! http://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_topnav.asp I would like to know how to do the following: I don't want a menu bar all the way across the screen on mobile and tablet layout. I want to do a slide from the side of the screen on mobile and tablet layout. Thanks.
  4. Doing it all in one CSS is conflicting each other. Is there another options?
  5. Ok, what I did to remove home is: ul.topnav li:not(:first-child) {display: none;} to ul.topnav li:not(none) {display: none;} and it worked. Now I go my image on the bottom of the menu. When I click the 3 buttons on the right the menu expands the image drops down with it. How can I stop that?
  6. I am getting the hang of it. One question I am using this menu for the responsive: http://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_topnav.asp On the mobile phones how can just use the 3 bars instead showing the home for the drop down?
  7. Ok, I understand on that one. Since there different sizes of smartphone do I need to set each code for each size of screen (mobile)?
  8. So you are saying that there is no need for 3 different styles?
  9. Hello, New here I am currently have 3 different stylesheets for my website: Desktop - layout.css is working fine. Tablet - tablet.css is also working fine. now I have a css for mobile which is mobile.css. On the mobile.css when I look the version on an iPhone 6 the navigation bar is so small. here is the index.html and mobile.css file: Mobile CSS File: body { margin: 0; background-image: url(../images/bg2.jpg); } img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; } ul.topnav { list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 25px; overflow: hidden; background-color: #333; }
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