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  1. hi every bodythere is a problem happen with me while i design a site using dreamweaver and front page that propblem happen when i make a table . that table appear that goes away of bg border and makes not good view for visitors but it happens when i use firefox and IE7 but it goes ok while i browsing using IE6can any one help me[/url][/img]
  2. i see many videos of games to make announce aobut it. so what is the software which record the kind of videos playing on screen like games and movies in good qulity and good voicethanks alot
  3. hi every bodyi loded some video songs and sounds in server and wanna offer that to my dear visitors in good way like that way of that sitehttp://www.mp3.com/free-music/ and there is list in right hand when click there is a pop up window open in very good manner i wanna do like this but i dont know can any one help me to do that, thanks alot
  4. many sites gives option to visitors to give thier mobile phone number and then send sms telling them about site. like new things add to site etc...so how i can do that ? and which site gives that serivces to methanks alot
  5. hi every body when i was searching i found a site and found tow things i liked and wanna know how to do thatthe link ishttp://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/m...797(VS.85).aspxand things i wanna do like the tools msdn..msdn library ...etc when i stand on the word by mouse there is amenu appears in very good shapeand other thing ishow to show and hide menu like in sitethanks alot
  6. Excellent friendit works 100% thank you alotbut i wanna to make things beside it and i wonder if it allow or notcan i make a text not just scentence, and can i make a counter to clear to vistor how much he wrong and right to make vistor improve him self in next time?and if i have alarge amount of texts, is there any way to make that autmatic not manualy or make hidden text radomand again thanks alot my friend
  7. friend can u make it clear for me by exampl plz cuse i am bignner
  8. hi every bodyi wanna make an active page for learning englishi wanna put a space between two words and make the visitors try to put the right word if the word is correct a message appears that right answer and if wrong message appears try again<script type="text/javascript">function getElements() { var e=document.getElementsByTagName("input"); if (e[0].value == "is") alert("right"); else alert("plz try again"); }</script> that what i do with that idea to put "is: in free spacethis my carcan u help me to complete and how i do more than word?thanks alot
  9. when i applied it. the interdownloadmanager idm appares and askes for download!!!!!that happens inmy site tooany solve for this actopn from idm?thanks
  10. thanks for caring and replybut will it work with internt explorer?and will opent new window and ply in it?thanks again
  11. hi every bodyi have a question.. i made a site and uploaded voice files to servers and made linkes to page to make vistors to listen and downloadbut i have problem that when i click to listen link it appears to download file if i have winamp in my pc . if have no win amp it going well (media player opened from pc and listen normaly) that is in internet explorer 6and when i press download it downloads in temp filesthe question isi wanna when i press listen a new window with media player open and play the file what ever the vistors have a win amp or other thing in his pc like many other sites doing that and i wanna download normalycan any body help me to add code to solve this problem?my email is gamal479@yahoo.com if any onewanna add me to chat or by replying herethanks alot
  12. thanks freind for replybut are u sure that hostgator is good, are u trust? and why lke these sites give huge amount by little money in oppsite the other site host?thanks
  13. hi every bodyi wanna ask about the big hosts that i found when search in netthese sites give huge storage with little money, like 400 GIGA with nearly 6$ or 600 GIGA with nealry 8$ and, i wanna ask are these sites good or bad, and what is ur opnion?examples:www.palmhost.comwww.hostgator.combye
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