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  1. Yes both are uploaded. The site works fine in IE.
  2. I have a site that when I Preview in Mozilla from DreamWeaver it works ad looks fine, but when I upload to the internet it does not work. It seems to not grab the CSS files or info so the text color and formatting is not right, the drop downs are messed up, no BG color. Just a mess. any ideas.Site works fine in IE on MAC, IE on PC and Safari on MAC.http://www.frescopronto.com/newsite/index.htmKevin
  3. Still happens with my version on teh MAC, but I found a way around it. Thanks to all that looked and helped out.Kevin
  4. On the link below if you scroll the text some so the text you could read is now "bellow" the navigation buttons then you can not select the buttons any more. (seems to be with IE only).I have tried to make the layer with the header and navigation to be at a z-index of 2 and then make the scrolling layer to a z-index of 0, but it still does it. I am stumped and still pretty new to the CSS thing so I am still learning. Any help would be great. http://mpaaz.org/newsite/join.htmKevin
  5. kevinvan74

    Z-index Problem

    I am struggling with some layers and their order as I have some drop down menus (Z-index 3) that work fine on Safari, EI on the MAC and IE on the PC but not on Netscape for PC or Mozilla for MAC. A scrolling layer that I have at a lower level (Z-index 1) will not allow the curser to select the drop down menus. The drop down under About works fine as the other layer does not go over that far, but the ones under Membership and Calendar get "covered: by the other layer and makes the links unable to be selected.This used to work fine, but somewhere something got screwed up and I have moved things
  6. kevinvan74

    Scrolling Layer

    OK, I am still pretty new to CSS and all so I am still learning. Here is what I need help with.I will try to discribe but I will include a link to the page at the bottom.I have a page that has a DIV #container where I have another div within it (#contentMain) that will scroll if there is enough content in the layer or if the browser is shrunk enough. I want the site to scale depending on browser resolution or size but I can not get the #contentMain to scale from the size of the #container and not the page size. (the div #contentMain clears past the #content div) I also would like to keep a 20p
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