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  1. WOW WOW JUST FOUND!! node.js is added,,,2 captures are with the comment showing before and after server-side languages!!! bIg tHaNkS w3sChOols
  2. What About Adding Node.js As Another Tutorial In The Server-Side Languages? to complete the chain of JavaScript and to teach the newer, modern and the attractive part of the language...why not? I am not recommending specific framework W3SCHOOLS can choice any of the available, but please the best! WHY ADDING: I am not here to explain the power of Node.js...Please Google this WHY IT'S NECESSARY: Large companies are using and coming to Node e.g...[Google this also ], and large apps are written with it[Do Not Forget Our friend..Google]. not only it's "Popular", but also fast(because of the non-blocking I/O, being V8 based and more[Google!!!]) THANKS FOR: ADDING NODE AS THE THIRD LANGUAGE
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