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  1. But UpdateGL is the name of the stored procedure that i use 3 parameters (@CIE, @TLZ and @NOGL) <?php $sql1 = "UpdateGL @CIE ='RAL', @TLZ='$TLZ', @NOGL='$NewValue'";?>
  2. Nope, i don't want to add TLZno and noGL. The input show what is already noGL, i can write a new number and then, it will change noGL. I want to use TLZno and noGL linked to be able to know exactly with row is change.
  3. As i show on the result, it explain that TLZno and noGL must be link each others to know exactly with on of GL is change and apply the change. TLZno always stay the same. I must do it because in my request, i used a loop where i don't have any information how many row will be. I don't know if you understand what i means? So if i understand well your question, the second one is what i meant.
  4. My connection is way before that code, that's why i didn't copy it. Connection to the database work well because i can receive the information correctly. So even if i add this part to the code, it still doesn't work. I'm really not sure if i do it well. Sorry, i'm really confuse. <?php if(isset($_POST["test"])) { $NewValue = $_POST["noGL" . $_POST["TLZno"]]; $TLZ = $_POST["TLZ"];?> <script> console.log ("test1"); </script> <?php $sql1 = "UpdateGL @CIE ='RAL', @TLZ='$TLZ', @NOGL='$NewValue'";?> <script&
  5. so if i want to do something with $sql1, what i must do exactly? sorry, but i'm just a beginner.
  6. Hi,As the title said, i'm trying to update an SQL Server DB with php. From my code below, you can see that i call once a stored proc to get information who will be in a table. One of the row allow me (supposed to be)(the last row who is an input), to change an other one (row name GL). But with the button save, it seems like nothing change at all. I tried to make some log with console and i can see test1 and test2. So it seems like it can go throught but doesnt ajust anything. I really don't know anymore and i really need your help. Any ideas or help will be really really appreciate. More on th
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