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  1. decided for now to do things a bit manual i wrote this code to check if a user is selecting the same team as the bidder they are tagging to return error not want i want fully but still get the job done
  2. yeah take care
  3. and it didnt work well in the previous example thats y am asking how can it b done, saying it to me wont help
  4. <option value='1','autualext'>{TEAM1}</option> u mean something like that?
  5. u mean like this <option value='1','{TEAM1}'>{TEAM1}</option> ?if yes didnt work
  6. thats just the thing when ever i try to convert it like i did the first part it displaying result i even was trying a back up plan for the now i hit a road block the code below <div class="form-group"> <label class="col-sm-5 control-label">Select Winner</label> <div class="col-sm-7"> <select name="willwin" class="form-control" id="first"> <!-- BEGIN select_team --> <option value='1'>select_team</option> <option value='2'>{select_team.TAGTEAM1}</option> <op
  7. yeah have tried and tried but it just wont display result anytime i tried, i could only convert the first part but the second part wont, i guess am missing something or not including something, but no way for me to know what am doing wrong
  8. Am able to use this code to bind a.id = :auc_id in order to display certain result needed for menu code, but when i introduce it in the submenu i dont get any result below are the codes for menu and submenu' MENU works fine, display whats need to be showned thanks to a.id = :auc_id $query = "SELECT s.team_id, s.teams AS teams1, ss.team_id, ss.teams AS teams2, a.id, a.team1, a.team2 FROM " . $DBPrefix . "auctions a LEFT JOIN " . $DBPrefix . "sports s ON (s.team_id = a.team1) LEFT JOIN " . $DBPrefix . "sports ss ON (ss.team_id = a.team2) WHERE a.id = :auc_id and
  9. ok, like i said i drop the code, i was interfereing with the loading speed and wasnt work well i tried another one still working on that one.
  10. tried all that, aam dropping the code.
  11. <?php $query = "SELECT a.id, a.team1, a.title, a.team2, s.team_id, s.teams, u.nick, b.id, b.willwin, b.willlose, b.bidder, b.auction FROM bids b LEFT JOIN " . $DBPrefix . "users u ON (u.id = b.bidder) LEFT JOIN " . $DBPrefix . "auctions a ON (a.id = b.auction) LEFT JOIN " . $DBPrefix . "sports s ON (s.team_id = b.willwin) WHERE b.willlose = :menu and a.id = :auc_id and b.bidder NOT IN ('b.tagged') and b.tagged IN ('b.bidder')"; $params = array(); $params[] = array(':auc_id', $id, 'int'); $params[] = array(':menu', $menu, 'int'); $db->query($query, $params); while ($row = $db
  12. tried that didnt work i got this other code been working on the menu part works fine but the submenu after converting to mysqli refuse to work $query = "SELECT s.team_id, s.teams AS teams1, ss.team_id, ss.teams AS teams2, a.id, a.team1, a.team2, b.auction, b.bidder, b.tagged, b.willwin, b.willlose FROM " . $DBPrefix . "auctions a LEFT JOIN " . $DBPrefix . "bids b ON (b.auction = a.id) LEFT JOIN " . $DBPrefix . "sports s ON (s.team_id = a.team1) LEFT JOIN " . $DBPrefix . "sports ss ON (ss.team_id = a.team2) WHERE a.id = :auc_id and a.id = a.id group by a.id"; $params =
  13. so this is like an example i believe right
  14. hi i kinda want it to hide hide as in the code shows result like this 4 Chelsea Chelsea i want the 4 to hide but still be able to be submitted.
  15. skyhighweb

    hiding a value

    hi how do i hide the (team_id) value in the below form <option value="' . $row['team_id'] . '' . $row['teams'] . '" ' . $selected . '>' . $row['teams'] . '</option> thanks
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