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  1. YES it works perfectly (I did'nt read the using instructions ) (there are some little strange codes but that's no problem. But Now I have the sourcefile reconstructed so I can study on that and maybe improve it for the system. After that I wonder if I have to encode it again ?? Thanks a lot
  2. oke Found the site with the instructions.
  3. He this looks good advice. I downloaded the decoder. But do You know how to Use it ?? When I run the decoder program there is opening an Command screen for some seconds and the closes that window. Further there is happening nothing ??
  4. The same error is comes when opening the file "ShowGraph.js" (and change filename again and press F5
  5. Further inquirys give the following results: When the programs are running (the total system), and I change the filename of Calculations.js (say to Calculations_test.js) the folowing happen's: The program keeps running good as long as I dont change the view (or refresh the page) When I press F5 (refresh) then there comes an alarm message " ScripFault" (the picture is in Dutch) meaning "the value of the item covertValue null or not defined and no function" This should mean ( as far as my knowledge go's) that the script in Calculations.js is putting a little program w
  6. But Thanks for the quick replay
  7. More files uploading gives problems with the Forem site
  8. It is used by other scripts (to big to include in one time ) (5,8 MB) this is the first part. about.html export.html folderDialog.html header.html help.html help-en.html help-nl.html index.html language.xml License.txt loading.html monitor.html optionsApp.html optionsMap.html optionsSensors.html Sensiplant.hta sensiplant.ico settings.xml showGraph.html start.html calculations.js chrome.js common.js excanvas.js subModal.js builder.js controls.js dragdrop.js effects.js scriptaculous.js slider.js unittest.js prototype.js
  9. Hello people Can You help me with an Jave script ( it is unreadable and I think its also compiled or something like that ) I have try'd to look at it with an DeCompiler but it keeps unreadable It is used for calculations in another part of de system ( XML scripts ) The system (soft- and hard-ware) is made by an company that is not able to get service of this product. Because of problems with the system I'm trying to figure out how the software works. But this script is the part that is not possible to see what is going on in it. Filename = Calculations.js
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