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  1. Why do not the applications work on the tablet? Hi. I'm starting to create mobile apps with Cordova, for Android. I have small tests done with the help of peers of this community. But the problem is that I try to run them on the tablet and the interface only sees a small sample of of the content. It does the job, but it goes much slower than on the mobile. I imagine the key will be in css. My question is, if I should add some plugin, configure css in some particular way, or some other file I must do something What do I need to work on tablets and phones? Maybe I do not explain
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Miguel, I am new to the fantastic world of programming and I have many doubts. I just want to learn and I'm doing it self-taught, so I have to ask a lot of questions. Thank you very much and I hope it does not become annoying for the members of this forum. Regards and sorry for my spelling, I have to make use of the Google translator. Thank you
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