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  1. Hello, I am trying to pass excel sheet to a function. I am getting an error in call2 function "object required" in this line: CurrentValue = SheetOne.Cells(2,2) Complete code: Set ExcelObj = createobject("excel.application") ExcelObj.Visible = true Set ExcelConfigFile = ExcelObj.Workbooks.Open (configFilePath) Set ConfigScriptSheet = ExcelConfigFile.Worksheets("Scripts") call1(ConfigScriptSheet) Function call2(SheetOne) ColumnCounter = 1 For ExcelRow = 1 To TotalColumn CurrentValue = SheetOne.Cells(2,2) // I get error "object required" ............... Next End Function Function call1(ConfigScripSheet) ValidateConfigFileTemplate = 1 ColumnNo1 = call2 (ConfigScriptSheet) .................... End Function Thanks.
  2. Hello, String = "select * from employees where ID = &myID&" How to return the text between two &s. Thanks.
  3. I used variable for outer loop. Now it works. Thanks.
  4. Hi, For i = 1 to 5 ' do somthing For j = 1 to 5 ' do something if a = b then exit for end if Next Next '' continue here I have two for loops. If a = b how can I exit out from both loops so it will continue from the line says "continue here" ?Currently, it exits out of inner loop only. Thanks.
  5. Hello, How to return true if today plus 45 days is inside the last 45 of the year? And return false if today plus 45 days is NOT inside the last 45 day of the year? todayDateIs = Date todayPlus45Day = DateAdd("d",45,todayDateIs) if todayPlus45Day inside the last 45 days of the year then return ture elseif todayPlus45Day inside the last 45 days of the year then return false end if I am not sure how to compare if todayPlus45Day is inside the last 45 days of the year? Thanks.
  6. I am trying to say that if first two characters are like "2m, 3k", it returns true. I mean it prints "a>b". Instead, it should not print any thing. First two characters can be numbers or strings. If strings(i.e. 2m, 3k, jj) , it should not print "a>b" at all. If numbers (i.e. 11, 44, 08), then print "a>b" if greater than 8, else do not print. It should print "a>b" if first two characters are numeric and greater than 8. Else, do nor print "a>b".
  7. miless = "2mile(s)" myMile = Left(miless,2) print myMile myMile = cint(myMile) print myMile If myMile > 8 then print "a>b" End If first line miless variable can have value like "20 miles, 35 miles, empty, no miles, etc". It works only if first two characters are numeric.
  8. Hi, First I will have to read a value. Then read first two characters of the value. Then compare the value to see it it is greater than 8. First two characters sometimes can be null, string, alphanumeric or numeric. miless = "2mile(s)" myMile = mid(miless,1,2) print myMile If myMile>8 then print "a>b" End If It is always returning true even though first two characters are not numbers or less than 8. How can I do it?
  9. I have Android 7.0 phone. Chrome version on my phone is 58. I have few sites. Those work on my phone just fine. Only that specific site has the issues. I am totally lost and so desperate to fix it. Thanks.
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