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  1. Thx for help, i found the issue. i didnt include the bootstrap.min.js... now it works fine 🙂 thanks
  2. hi, i made a small website for my wife. i included jquery in order to use smooth scrolling and scrollspy. without success. Someone can point me the mistake? i checked if i included jquery twice or more. i did not find. i copied this code from w3schools: <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.12.4.js"></script> <!--- Stuff between --> <script> /* ### SCROLLING ### */ // Add scrollspy to <body> $('body').scrollspy({target: ".navbar", offset: 50}); // Add smooth scrolling on all links inside the navbar $('#myNavbar li a').on(
  3. thanks so much justsomeguy... with your hint in the brackets [$result[$periods[$i]] i solved the problem 🙂 now the while loop looks like: while ($row = $request->fetch_assoc()) { $type = $row['type']; if ($type == 'sales') { $result[$periods[$i]][$type] = $row['amount']; } else if ($type == 'costs') { $element = $row['costelement']; $result[$periods[$i]][$type][$element] = $row['amount']; } and it works great. the array looks like i wished to get it 🙂 with: echo $result['month']['sales'] or echo $result['monthlastyear']['costs']['NK'] i ex
  4. Thanks someguy, that's right, montyearbefore and yearbefore didn't return any date cause i didn't transfer them into the function. $yearbefore was just empty. Now i calculate $yearbefore in the function. Also i converted the code for prepared statsments for SQL. It works fine 🙂 function get_data ($get_month, $get_year, $periods, $connection) { $yearbefore = $get_year - 1; $result = array(); for ($i = 0; $i < count($periods); $i++) { switch ($periods[$i]) { case 'month': $sql = "SELECT type, costelement, SUM(amount) AS amount FROM ind_finance WHERE month = '$get_month' AN
  5. hi, i need help cause i can't go on. since 3 days and nights i try to create a nested array. i have saved some accounting entries in my database and i want to display some values with php. i made a function that calls for different periods the values. in this function i want to create a nested array with the structure: Array("month" => Array ("sales" => 1000), Array ("costs" => Array ("rent" => 500, "advertising" => 100, "connection" => 30))) this is my code: <?php /* type costelement amount costs NK 100.00 costs Werbung 349.99 sales
  6. hello prodeveloper, I want to show some data in a html table with bootstraps basics. The first columns are really large, the last ones are really tiny. Can someone tell me where the mistake could be found? I have 3 headlines tags (<th>) and 7 tabledata tags (<td>). I have already tried "<th colspan="3"> to set columnheadlines to the right position, without success. in this table i want to show how many math tasks my childeren solved right, calucalted false and how many "stars" they reached in a day, a week, the week before, in a month and so one. Can someone he
  7. i got it working... ich changed the xml open part as following: xmlhttp.open("GET", 'rechnensave.php?niv1='+niveau1+'&niv2='+niveau2, true); xmlhttp.send(); THANKS for your support... Thread can be closed, but the slider doesn't still work.
  8. yes, i made buttons and it's also okay. so i changed some points in the code and my kids can use it now ;-). I have another question. Trying to control how many tasks and which skill they train i added some more variables an print them in a table "solved tasks" for each level. This level i want to send by xmlhttp.request after hitting the yellow button. if i log the transaction in console i see the values of the variables: niveau1 and niveau2. I use GET to transfer. Unfortunately i loose the information in this process. The responstext is without the php echo value :-/ Thanks so
  9. Yeah, there is no longer an error in the console logged. The JS-Files are included. But now i don't see a slider :-/ . On the left side of "Min-Wert" should it visible. here is the example. In developmentmode on the browser i see the needed div. But there is no content unfortunatly.
  10. Thanks someguy for your explanations. The first two aspects i understand an i can handle. The third aspect is a little bit "foggy" for me. I understand that i try to start the function in the head. Where else can i run it. I tried different "positions" like also head area, after the the </html> in the body... no useful result. finally i see the hole code as text now. It would be really nice, if you can show me the right line an structure. With best regards... pat
  11. Hello, i tried to style up my script. i integrated a noUiSlider but it doesn't work. i looked for solving in the documentation, YouTube and google, without success. Can someone help me to make it work? The JavaScript Code can be found at the bottom of the script tag. Thanks! <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="de-DE"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="font-awesome.min.css"> <title>Matheaufgaben</title> <!-- Bootstrap --> <link rel=
  12. Thanks, i opened a supportticket at the hoster. I hope it's only deactivated.
  13. hey people, i tried to reproduce the "asp php" tutorial from W3Schools. this one if i copy it to my webspace and test it, the return is the hole code of the gethint.asp file. Instead of a match from the string, the responseText ist the whole file. Why? this is my my testing envivroment. someone can tell me the mistake?
  14. hey together, i created a JavaScript application to generate tasks in math for my seven and 9 years old children. so far it works, but looks terrible. Someone has any ideas and tipps how to style it and make it look modern? i don't know css alot. i appreciate some help :-) http://holland-nell.net/php/java-rechnen.html thanks :-)
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