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  1. i guess i never noticed they take a long time to load because i have fast internet. >_<; hmm... i will need to see how that works with the modal then... cause the modal opens from the image that is already there... like I have no idea how to point to another source =\ this is becoming much more complicated than i wanted it to... =( curse my newbieness in all this >_<!
  2. Hi! So, I am having issues with my portfolio gallery... I can get the modal to work, finally, thanks to you guys. I was wondering if you could help with another issue. The gallery has the columns uneven and it is driving me batty. I can get them to be the same size if I adjust the size of the image, but that makes it look tacky in another way, I want the column to extend with blank space to make everything the same height. Is this possible? If so, how? http://technicolor-dreams.net/fan-001.html In the above link you can see what I am talking about =( Also attachin
  3. Oooh!!! Ingolme, that is a perfect example!!! Thank you!!! I like visuals lol. That makes perfect sense now. I am trying my best to learn more! Thanks so much for taking time out to teach and help me! My site isn't perfect, but the vision is coming together thanks to your help =)
  4. Thanks again! I think I am beginning to understand things a little more. I just want to make sure I understand parent-child elements. So the parent would be the CSS style sheet. Like the element defined in there. Then, the child would be what is in the body of the html file. So what I set in the css takes priority over everything else... Right? So... Essentially I need to focus on getting everything organized within the parent-child situation... I should sniff through some css tutorials some time. I feel like that would benefit me greatly... I'll report back once I do some editi
  5. Thanks for the advice, but... I still can't get it to work. I have tried a buncha different combos and failed again. =( Is it possible to give me an example in how it will work? I am about to just give up, but really want to make this work, because it fits the vision i had for the layout. =(
  6. Hi! I am new here and was wondering if I could possibly get some help. I am having some serious trouble trying to figure out why my menu won't sit behind my modal. =( I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what it could be, but have not been able to come up with a conclusion. Please ignore the text as the page is obviously still in testing, but the page shows how the modal goes in front. I also have other issues with IE in that the menu doesn't show up properly, but that may be due to too many style tags? I do very much enjoy my CSS. lol Things have evolved
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