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    Hi NIche, A little confused as to where i should add the INNER JOIN... THis is what i have... UPDATE SSRevitProject1.dbo.CaseworkTypes SET Cost = new.CostFROM SSRevitCostings.dbo.SSContainerCostings AS newWHERE SSRevitProject1.dbo.CaseworkTypes.Model = new.Model Sorry i am a bit of a newby so if you can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.
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    Hi All, I am hoping someone can point me into the right direction with this one. So i have two databases, the one is used to update costings (dbs1) for different products using multiple tables. The other dbs (dbs2) is used to store costings of an existing project I then at the end of my design process use a query to update dbs1 with dbs2. here is the syntax; THIS WORKS... UPDATE SSRevitProject1.dbo.WindowTypes SET Cost = new.Cost FROM SSRevitCostings.dbo.SSParkHomeCostings AS new WHERE SSRevitProject1.dbo.WindowTypes.Model = new.Model THIS DONT WORK... UPDATE
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