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  1. A personal preference I have is to not put classes into my <a> tags. If the OP is like this another option would be a descendent selector and put the class in the <li>. THis is just a personal preference.
  2. studogvetmed


    If you want all cells to start with the data at the top, the more elegant and easily controled method would be to dotable tr { vertical-align:top; } Instead of placing a specific class to make it appear as you think you do, just make it the default for all table cells on your page and only change the ones that you need to specifically. Always try to use an element selector over a class selector if you can.
  3. I do some amateur webdesign for my flyball club and my wife's animal business. My real life work is studying to become a certified veterinary pathologist, but hey, we need time to "unwind" too. So HTML is my care free hobby.I come into different html forums to learn more about css and html. I drive my wife crazy when I tell her how important I think it is that we should conform to "web standards" and I refuse to buy dreamweaver to do my web design. she wishes she could get into the pages to "help" do things, but won't touch the code. So she really wishes I used something like dreamweaver or so
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    No Firefox?

    There is no pseudoclass alink or vlink.So it's a:link, a:visted, a:hover, a:activeI suggest you declare all of those as basic link colors somewhere in your stylesheet and declare them in this order link, visted, hover, active.If you declare them in your stylesheet and then fix the areas you use the wrong pseudoclasses, you should hopefully be good to go.Always run your code through the validators. unvalid code is the #1 cause of display problems in browsers.Cheers.
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