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  1. Did that as well ... no reply though...
  2. When you add a form that is modal and view on a mobile device (apple mostly) the background still scrolls with your finger. This creates a problem as the form fields (Inputs) do not line up and it almost impossible to edit or add text to input fields as you cannot select them. To reproduce just run the modal login example on your mobile phone and move your finger then try to add text to the input fields - !
  3. I agree - totally! There must be 1000's of users using this library and suddenly it appears it has been withdrawn along with all the documentation and examples? I for one, have used this great library in a few projects and it works very well. Lightweight and easy to understand. Why would they drop it? I would like to hear from w3schools as to why this library was so abruptly and quickly withdrawn from their suite as so many users actively use it?
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