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  1. Hi! When i am trying to open an XML file in IE, its showing up a download dialog box and the XML file is opening in Dreamweaver instead of IE.What could be the reason? Is IE not able to recognise the XML file? Please advise.Thank youKrishnam
  2. Hi ScottThats a wonderful link. It has got a lot of information about the CSS tables. Interesting.Thank for the help.
  3. Hi! ScottThanks for the reply.Scott, what do you think, using tables is good or CSS layouts? Whic is the best?Please Advise.Thank you
  4. Hi!I am Krishnam.If you visit www.windowsxp.com, one can observe the GRADIENT Shade.How is that shade created? Can that be acieved using CSS? or its just a background image with the gradinet or shade?Any ideas?Please Help.Thank you,Krishnam
  5. Hi!I am Krishnam.I have read in many articles that CSS can replace the use of TABLES in HTML. Is this possible, safe & easier than using HTML Tables?But I could not find a suitable tutorial or example.Can anyone help we this?Thank you,Krishnam
  6. Hi YahwehThanks a lot for the reply.May be you are right. I am not sure whether the site has got frames or not.But i think there is way to do that.Lets wait and see if anyone has got any comments.Thank youCheers!Krishnam
  7. Hi!I have visited a website ( gosh i forgot the URL).But i observed is, the URL of the website (EX: http://www.thisurl.com) remains same even when i visit the other pages of the same website. I mean its not showing up the path of that particular webpage (EX: http://www.thisrul.com/aboutus.htm)How is this possible?Any Advise?Thank youKrishnam
  8. Hi Scott,Thanks a lot and i am very very very happy now.I was trying for the past 2 days and i was worried a lot.But Scott, you made my work easier.Thanks a lot for everything wonderful and I Love You.Cheers!Krishnam
  9. Hi Scott,I did what you have mentioned but still its giving up an error.I have also tried replacing my original code with of your but still its showing up an error.Can you please help.Thank youKrishnam
  10. Hi ScottThanks a lot for the HELP.I copied the modified CODE that you have provided. But its showing up an error.Can you please check this up and provide me with the solution.Please help.Thank youKrishnam
  11. HiPlease go through the code below.test.html-----------------------------------------------------------------------<html><head><script language=JavaScript>function transferview(image,iname,webaddress) {info="<TITLE>"+iname+"</TITLE><body topmargin='0' leftmargin='0' rightmargin='0' bottommargin='0' bgcolor='#CEDDFF'><table width='498'; height='500' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='2' bgcolor='#CEDDFF'>" + " <tr>" + " <td colspan='2' align='center' valign='middle'><IMG SRC='"+image+"' BORDER=0 /></td>" + " </tr>" + " <tr>" + " <td width='243' height='22' align='center' bgcolor='#FFB7B9'><font face='verdana, arial' size='2' color='#000066'>"+iname+"</font></td>" + " <td width='243' height='22' align='center' bgcolor='#FFB7B9'><form method='post' action='"+webaddress+"'><input type='submit' value='Request open yahoo in parent window' /></form>" + " </td>" + " </tr>" + "</table></body>"ImageWindow=window.open("", "newwin","toolbar=no,scrollbars=no, width=500, height=500");ImageWindow.document.write(info)ImageWindow.document.close()}</SCRIPT></head><body><a href="#" onclick="java script:transferview('test.jpg','Click the button to open yahoo', 'http://www.yahoo.com')">Open Pop UP</a></body></html>--------------------------------------------------------------------------What it actually does is:when i click on the text link in the parent window, it pops up a child window with a button ( and an image). What i want now is, if i click the button in pop up window, it should open the specified URL in the Parent window (which is at the back) and the pop up window should close.Please help me, i tried , tried , tried and now tired.Can you help with the script and can you tell me what code to add and where exactly.Please advise.Thank youKrishnam
  12. HiI have set the IE with decault settings, but still i am not able to view XML files or XML tree.Please helpKrishnam
  13. Thanks a lot for the explanation. What i understood is;1) Class can be used with a number of elements and any number of times, where as2)ID can be used to a single elements ( and the element can repeate any number of times) Is it OK?
  14. Hi,I am Krishnam from India.I am new to CSS and i have read about the 3 types of CSS Style Selectors.1) TAG2) CLASS3) IDI am confused over the use of CLASS and ID. Can you help me in explaining about when to use CLASS and when to use ID, and its advantages.Thank you,Krishnam
  15. Hi BoenThanks a lot for your help.I will try that in home and then i will reply.Thank a lot.Krishnam
  16. Hi,I am krishnam.I am not able to view XML files in Internet Explorer 6 in my system at home where as I am able to veiw XML files in Interenet Exploere 6 in my office system. Can you please help in solving this problem?Thank youKrishnam
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