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  1. Is it hard transforming the page I did into a server sided language with a database?
  2. Soo, no simple way of doing it?
  3. Hello, I'm trying to make a to-do list that saves the entries on the server/in the cloud so the same added items can be viewed on different devices. I researched a bit on LocalStorage but I realized it's just local, obviously. So how do I make it so my site stores the added items on the server?
  4. I will try there But the weird thing is that the drop-down menu still doesn't work if I delete everything in the footer file, if I only have "<?php ?>" and it's just so confusing, maybe it's just the cache that's messing with me
  5. I've renamed the footer.php file now so it isn't "linked" to the store page which leads to the menu working, but I'll rename the file so you can see when it doesn't work. What I have discovered is that when I have the footer active the dropdown menu doesn't work. And yea I've tested a couple of times both on mobile, on different browsers and in incognito mode, cache can be really frustrating sometimes.
  6. Hello, so at the store page, when in mobile view the top dropdown menu doesn't work. When I delete parts bit for bit in the footer PHP file the menu will still not work. If I delete everything in the footer PHP file it will still not work. But if I completely change the PHP file name so it isn't linked to the store page at all, the dropdown menu works perfectly fine. I find this really weird and I can't figure out how to fix it. Can somebody help?
  7. Ok I will try that, thank you!
  8. First of all, I'm no way near any skilled "programmer" or website builder, I mostly just copy things and modify the styles and stuff! So this is probably a nooby question, you have been warned. I've this website I'm building for a school project and I've a few problems left and I've given up trying to fix them, I need to start working on other stuff. First of all so am I trying to get this slider between the three pictures and the navigation bar in the supposedly start page, but the animation disappear when you put it in and I don't think the autoplays work either. This is the main thing I'm trying to do. Secondly, When you go on mobile view and press the dropdown menu it doesn't seem to find the script, which i don't understand why. In the header I have <script src="/online-store-header/js/flertdown.js"></script> and the body I've the code <a href="javascript:void(0);" style="font-size:25px;position: absolute; top: 65px; right: 0; border: 0;" class="icon" onclick="specificName()">☰</a> The console returns this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'className' of null at specificName (flertdown.js:3) at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick (final.html:195) Dropdown js code Any help would be really appreciated, i really need to be done this site soon :)) And I'm really sorry if the index file is totally chaos, elements seems to have a life of their own and come back and reproduce to multiple of the same element after I've deleted them, I've lost control of what i've created (or copied)
  9. Just one more question, what is it that is deciding what should be in the dropdown menu, since the "Home" button is outside of the dropdown menu?
  10. Oh ok, I understand now! Thank you very much!
  11. There's a ton of style parts and I just want to know what part is making the dropdown menu, so I can skip combining those two which doesn't go very well for me. Maybe it's a nooby question I just didn't have enough patience to carefully look into what styling element I could delete, change or copy or whatever I mean isn't it just one segment that makes that mobile thing work? Surely the whole code from link nr 2 cant be needed, would be much simplier to just take that bit and add to the first header, or am I totally wrong?
  12. So I've searched the web and tried for hours now and I'm just giving up. I've this header, and I want it so when you're on mobile it looks like something like this. So when you're on desktop the full menu is in the header and if your're on mobile you get a dropdown menu. Can someone tell me how I do this? Thank you
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