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  1. please copy and paste my code and database and run it then only we get coming to mt problem for eaxmple if we insert Name values on text box that can be properly inserted to table(item) In item we have Id and Name fields Id can be automatically incremented on database coming to subitem1 we have aid ,RAI_id and text fields aid ->auto increment RAI_id ->Id it's coming form item table(i have mapped item table to subitem1) text -> the values what ever we have inserted in taxes(value field values) popup coming to here design Name taxes mahesh click laxman clcik while populating same taxes values can be displayed but after we done anymodifications the taxes can be changed like this(sample) taxes popup for row1 Id value 1 abd 2 abdb taxes popup for row2 Id Value 3 ejje please refer these tables we may get clearly Final output in database should be saved like this Item(table in database) subitem1((table in database) ) Id Name aid RAI_Id text 1 mahesh 1 1 abd 2 laxman 2 1 abdb 3 2 ejje AutoPopList(table in database) Id value 1 dhhdhdh 2 dhhhe 3 dhehhe Could you please check code and store new taxes values to another array Database.txt View and Controller.txt
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