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  1. I am trying to create some arrows in the middel of a page, that go to the left to the right. These arrows go to a specific page in my WP website. The only problem is, i am testing this but i dont get it working. I tried the tutorials at W3, but they didnt help me. Anyone who knows some code that creates a left arrow and a right arrow that can point to a new page? Regards, Johan
  2. When using a Wordpress page, users can comment. As a webmaster , you can choose how many comments before a new page will be created(lets say 100). Nut when this new page is created, it has only 1 comment, comment 101. Is it somehow possible to keep the latets 5(or 10) comments on the newly created page? I have been looking for this option a long time, but i dont know if it is possible or how to do that.
  3. Hello, I really like this template. Anyone who has this up and running so i can see how it looks? Second, is itmpossible to create a local webserver for this template so i can start editing it? Thanks for any help, Johan
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