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    Date Format

    Hi, I am using the below to try and change a string of dd/mm/yy hh:mm to yyyymmdd and getting the following error: 'Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.' convert(varchar(8),cast(ArrivalDateTime as date),112) as ArrivalDateTime, what am i doing wrong? TIA James
  2. Hi Funce, Thank you for the suggestion, however Subtring_index I am unable to use. Is there an alternative? I have tried various combinations of char_index, substring but struggling to incorporate the end point of the string that I need. Here are some of the values in the field: BD8K1 691758*6*201808201650*QNURMG BD8K1 482291*24*201903261010*QNURPC BD8K1 319146*42*201804170930*QTENS BD8K1 19864*35*201705160930*QTENS BD8K1 433070*9*201712190930*QTENS BD8K1 529574*33*201709190930*QTENS TIA
  3. Hi, I am trying to join two tables that have similar fields, but in slightly different formats. I was previously using something along the lines of like '%*%' Then SUBSTRING(b.fieldname,CHARINDEX(b.fieldname,'*',1)+1,9) However the format has now changed and I am struggling to put something together. Table A BD8K1 23161*35*201904231110*QULN Table B 23161*35*1 However the number of characters in both could vary so cant use that. Table A BD8K1 242875*10*201904251015*NBB1 Table B 242875*10*113 Is there some code that could be written that's something like: A – From the space use the value up to and including the 2nd * (BD8K1 is at the beginning of every value in table A so could potentially use from character 7) B – Use the value up to and including the 2nd * Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks James
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