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  1. Thanks to Funce / dsonesuk -- I'll give the indentation another try .... but an editor which highlights the pairing <tags> seems ideal. Thanks for the help.
  2. Plz can anybody offer some advice with the following? I'm teaching myself a bit of HTML and CSS -- But the trouble is, keeping track of <tag> partners is proving to be a huge pain. For example - A relatively small HTML file, with few <div> and </div> tags, is quite easy to figure out. However, once the file starts growing, and you sit with loads of nested <open> and <close> tags, it's not always easy to figure out which </div> should partner up with which <div>. And needless to say - if you then move or delete an incorrect </div>, things can quickly start falling apart. At the moment I find myself continuously trying to figure out which <tag> is causing the unexpected page layout. And to make things worst, if you're using something with an auto-correct function, whereby the missing <tag> is auto-generated, then things get even worst :-( Any ideas how one can keep track of the different <tag> pairs?
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