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  1. Total Noob here and trying to modify a bit of SQL as my IT is working on bigger fish so i thought i'd give it a go- I have a list of data which used to just contain numbers, and now contains text(with dashes "-") and numbers. What i want to happen is if the data is text then cast as text, if data is numeric then cast as Int. The list of data is one or the other- Numbers or Text with dashes. Full SQL: stSQL = "SELECT rou.WST_0, " & _ "CASE WHEN itm.ALG_0 is NULL THEN 'n/a' WHEN itm.ALG_0 = 'Z' THEN 'n/a' WHEN itm.ALG_0 = '' THEN 'n/a' ELSE itm.ALG_0 END AS [All
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