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  1. Perfect! On mobile, I am using "hamburger" menu so no worries but thanks for pointing out the pitfall of using multiple columns for submenus.
  2. I am using "Navigation Bar with Dropdown" on https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_navigation.asp This works well. My only problem is that one of the menus is having 15 submenus (dropdown items). In this case case only 8 are shown till the bottom of the viewport and rest are not shown. (View Page Source has those items in the rendered HTML). Hence I would like to get help to add the vertical scrolling. I would like to know which class(es) should have Overflow attribute set to Auto. I am using Firefox browser V 72.x Another solution could be to have multiple columns of submenus. Say 7 items per column. Thanks.
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