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  1. hi , im using python to make a get request to a my server and I want to get the 'params' import requests url = 'https://w3schools.com/python/demopage.php' #demonstrate how to use the 'params' parameter: x = requests.get(url, params = {"model": "Mustang"}) #print the response (the content of the requested file): print(x.text) #the file 'demopage.php' looks for a 'model' query string and prints its value. #the file demo.php looks for a 'model' ... how can I do that?
  2. Hi , I am not familiar with javascript at all , I am going to learn node.js (I have a good background in python , c ) now , I don't know where to start, should I master js then go for nodejs , or a basic learning of js is adequate for nodejs or... I will appreciate if you suggest useful sources and websites to learn . Thanks in advance
  3. thanks a lot it worked for me , but i have another question , what if i want to send a file i mean really a file.json to a directory on my server?
  4. hi , in the python requests POST tutorial in the site , there is this piece of code , url = 'https://ipaddress of my server .../myphp.php' myjson = {'somekey': 'somevalue'} x = requests.post(url, json = myjson) it sends the json data to a php file in a server that i have access to how can I access json data in myphp.php file in the server ??? thanks
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