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  1. I'm using w3css, and want to create a number of panels on a page. Each will contain a brief summary of another page, and when the panel is clicked, the user should be taken to that other page. Here is a simplified extract from my current HTML. It looks how I want it to, but obviously nothing happens when you click the panel. <div class="w3-panel"> <h2>Panel Title</h2> <p>A summary of the page that the user will be taken to.</p> </div> This is what I've tried unsuccessfully so far: 1. Just adding "href=..." to the div. <div class="w3-panel" href="other-page.html"> .... </div> This makes no difference, the href seems to be ignored. 2. Using the <a> tag within the div. <div class="w3-panel"> <a href="other-page.html"> ... </a> </div> Clicking now works, but all the text is underlined like a standard hyperlink. It may be possible to amend the .CSS file to prevent underlining, but there are hyperlinks within text elsewhere on the page that I want to remain underlined. 3. Turning the panel into a button. <div class="w3-panel w3-button" href="other-page.html"> ... <div> Clicking works, but the text is centred and doesn't wrap. So by default the panel becomes very wide, and if I try to control the width, the end of the line of text isn't visible. Thanks!
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